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College Corner

UC Merced is the youngest campus in the University of California system, having oened its doors in 2005. The campus is located in the Central Valley and is situated near majestic Yosemite National Park. UC Merced serves as a major base of advanced research and models sustainable design and construction. UC Merced has integrated education and research programs focused on building a sustainable environment. A research university is a community bound by learning, discovery and engagement. The bobcat serves as UC Merced’s spirited mascot for their NAIA Pac Conference sports and campus spirit. The most popular majors at the university include: Engineering, Business, Biology, Psychology, Anthropology, Sociology, and Political Science. UC Merced is nestled near Sierra Nevada and bounded by Lake Yosemite on one side, with many recreational activities available for students, such as hiking, fishing, water skiing, camping, and other forms of outdoor exploration of the surrounding nature. On campus, students can take advantage of the massive Campus Recreation facility to play sports and keep up a healthy lifestyle. If you want more information about UC Merced, and how you can become a Bobcat, consider exploring the school's website or visiting the College Room for more information!


The New York Times - 08/20/2016

The Wall Street Journal - 9/25/2015

PBS News Hour - 8/21/2015

iUpshot (New York Times) - 4/24/2015
"When people talk about four-year colleges not being for everyone, the teenage Carlos Escanilla is the sort of student they have in mind..."

The New York Times - 3/13/2015
Op-Ed  piece by Frank Bruni 

The New York Times - 12/4/2014
Op-Ed piece by Frank Bruni look at the film the "Ivory Tower" and considers the impact of social class to college access.

Rox and Roll Blog - November 5, 2014
"As a former admissions officer for two "elite" schools -- one Ivy and one West Coast Ivy-equivalent -- I am in a unique position to offer some insights for parents that may be of help in raising healthful teens."


Colleges are starting to schedule their visits to Riordan and the schedule is posted on Naviance. Juniors and Seniors are allowed to sign-up! Please sign-up at least 2 school days in advance to receive a pass to leave class. 

^Local College Information Sessions and Fairs are also posted in the college visit section!

Welcome Back! 

October 25, 2016    
Financial Aid Information for Senior Parents  6:30PM in the Library
An introduction to the college financial aid process time for questions and answers.  Offered only for the parents/guardians of senior students. From 7:30pm-9pm Cash For College Counselors will be assisting families with the FAFSA or DREAM ACT application. Please bring a copy of your 2015 Tax Return.
Please RSVP online by clicking here.

Senior College Night for Seniors and Families
Thursday, September 15th at 6:30pm in Lindland Theatre
During this meeting we gave students and parents an overview of specific college application procedures, important dates, application requirements, and other strategies. The presentation can be found here. 


Save the Dates: Your formal college counseling process does not begin until Spring 2017, but here are important dates to write in your calendar. 

Wednesday, October 19th: PSAT

Thursday, January 12th: College Night for Juniors + Families

Friday, February 3: Mock ACT (optional)

2016 GRADUATES/ALUMNI: Sending Final Transcripts
All students attending a four year college are REQUIRED to send a final transcript to their school. Because our semester ends in May and grades are submitted in June, we send the transcripts out around June 15th (this gives you time to insure your grades are accurate). 
To help introduce students to the process for requesting transcripts as alumni, students are required to create a Parchment Account and pay a small fee. The directions to do so are below:
Step 1: On the Riordan homepage, under "Alumni" in the Quicklinks click "Request Transcriptsand you will be directed to the Parchment website. 
For your convenience you can click here.
Step 2: Click "Send Transcriptsand Sign-up for an account
Step 3: Add Archbishop Riordan High School and enter your information
Step 4: Select the College to which you'd like to send your transcript 
Step 5: Pay the fee and Riordan will send the transcript when it is read
If you have any questions about this process please contact our Registrar Mrs. Birmingham (