Archbishop Riordan's iPad Program Overview

iPad Program
Textbook Ordering: All textbooks, both digital and paper, can now be ordered through our Virtual Bookstore.  Go to Order Textbooks for more information and instructions.  This website will always have the most up-to-date textbook listing with ordering information and should be the only online source for ordering texts.  

Archbishop Riordan High School is proud to present the 1:1 iPad Program!  
The new iPad Program was carefully researched for the two years, with testing and comparing multiple devices, exploring mobile computing platforms and researching what was working and needed improving from institutions who were early adopters of 1:1 educational devices. The Technology Department has made major updates to the network and core server infrastructure across campus in support of this change, including a new campus-wide wireless system.  Click here for a more detailed explanation of these changes. 

The iPad seamlessly connects to all of Riordan's current online technology, including PowerSchool, Student Email Accounts, Google Docs/Drive, Follett Destiny Online Library Holdings, EBSCO Online Research Databases, Turn-It-In Online, Naviance, and the Riordan Web Portal.  The iPad is a platform for educational apps and interactive resources for students and faculty to expand their learning environment. 

All students are required to purchase an iPad prior to the start of the current school year. ARHS requires that each student, at the very least, has an iPad 2 or above for the first day of classes in August. Our faculty has moved to digital textbooks (wherever possible) and to increasing interactive classroom environments.  Several quizzes and tests are now given on the iPad as well as presentations, video lectures and other interactive modes of learning.  Click here for the 1:1 iPad Program Requirements.

iPad Program Informational Sessions
The following optional Informational Sessions will be offered to answer your questions, provide live demonstrations and give you and your son additional information to take home.  

Details and dates to be announced. 

Student Preparation
Students are encouraged to register for the Archbishop Riordan High School "Technology 101" iPad course through our iTunes U school portal.  This online course is intended to be taken by all students on their iPad device and explains how to configure and prepare your iPad for our educational environment.  Topics include "ARHS Wireless Login", "Video: Multitouch", "Effective Note Taking" and "Email Configuration", plus many other important interactive lessons.

Use of Other Devices
Smartphones and/or PDAs are not allowed during school hours.  Laptops cannot be used in conjunction with or in place of the iPad.  Other mobile devices such as the Kindle, Nook, Galaxy Tab or other tablet devices may not be used on campus during school hours.  Please note that many of the new interactive textbooks only work on the Apple iPad and are only available through the Apple iBooks store on the iPad device. 

Please see the Frequently Asked Questions page and Program Requirements page for specific details and links.  Please see the Virtual Bookstore for an up-to-date list by class of the required texts (both digital and in print) for the coming school year.  Please see the iPad Apps page for a list of required applications, with links and pricing information.