Welcome to Rilke Schule Clubs! 
This is the website for registering your student for before and after school clubs offered through Rilke Schule.

Contact E-mail: bond_jacquelyn@asdk12.org

Important Dates:

4th Quarter Club:

February 26th: Club Registration Opens at 7:00 am - March 2nd at 5:00 pm.

March 19th: 4th quarter clubs begin

March 23rd:  All club payments must be paid in full to retain the club registration.

Please note: the club registration page is only for Rilke Schule After School Clubs which are listed on the registration form.  Any alternate programs (sports, gymnastics, ASL, ext.) are hosted by separate organizations.  Please see the list of other organizations and the contact information.

** Fun Fridays:
Fun Friday registration is through the RSV.  The site for registering with Fun Friday is:
Click the "Join Our Group" link
There is no fee to Join the RSV Member Planet Group!

Please note that Fun Fridays registration is separate from after school clubs registration, and there is typically room in Fun Fridays for everyone who is interested.  The procedures are different because the funds go to different organizations.  Fun Fridays payments go to the RSV to support the German interns who help lead Fun Fridays, and clubs payments must go through the school district.  I have been informed that there are exploratory discussions underway currently to streamline sign-up procedures.  Please ask your APC and RSV representatives for a update. 

** Sport Jamboree activities: There will be a running Jamboree during the 4th quarter. Please contact Frau Maddy for additional information.  The dates will be shared when Frau Maddy knows them.

Club enrollment is each quarter, and the clubs will change each quarter. Please read the description of each club carefully to determine which day(s) of the week they are offered, and the grade level required

Registration Process:

We will be offering only online registration this year - no paper or email applications.

** Please double check your e-mail address is typed correctly.  E-mail is the primary method for contact in regards to club registrations and payments.

Each club has a limited number of students, and the clubs are filled on a first come basis determined by the submission time of the online form.

You will be notified by email within 24 hours to let you know which club(s) your child was successfully registered for.  

** Please help you student be aware of their schedule for after school clubs with a calendar or weekly list.  When the clubs change each Quarter students sometimes have confusion with where they are suppose to go.

For any questions or concerns please e-mail: bond_jacquelyn@asdk12.org I will respond within 3 - 4 business days. Thank you for your patience.

Parents who are interested in running a club are always welcome to contact the front office and options can be discussed for offering additional after school clubs.  All of our clubs require an ASD teacher to lead.

Cost Explanation:

Please note that the cost is per Quarter (each 8 weeks of the school year). 

For example, if your student needs Monday-Friday First Afternoon Hour of Home Work Club, the cost would be $200. If your student also needs Monday-Friday Second Hour Fun Club the cost would be an additional $200, for a total of $400 for the 1st Quarter. A single payment is made for the full amount within 1 week of being notified of club enrollment.

If attending Kinderlieder Club for $40 (as an example), a single payment of $40 covers your student's attendance to the club every Wednesday for the full 8 weeks of the first Quarter. 

Every Quarter, the clubs registration is re-accomplished. New clubs may be offered, or some clubs may be removed. Either way, you need to register your student each quarter for the club your student is interested in attending. All registration sessions are first-come-first-served, therefore registering right at 7 am gives the best chance of being enrolled in the club.

2017-2018 CLUB FORM
(4th Quarter will opened February 26th, 2018 at 7:00 am)

Rilke Schule also works with the following community-sponsored after school clubs. Some clubs operate on site, and some clubs offer pick-up service to transport students to the club's location.

 Please register directly with these independent organizations or staff members

 American Sign Language
Wednesdays ONLY

 Anchorage Gymnastics
 Arctic Gymnastics  http://arcticgym.com/

Bricks for Kids
September 15, ending October 20,  6 weeks, meeting on Fridays from 2-3:00pm

Bricks 4 Kidz 
or email Carmela at: cdoney@bricks4kidz.com
 Champs Martial Arts http://www.champmartialarts.com/
ORFF Ensemble
Herr Downie
                              Suzuki Program                               (Monday, Wednesdays in Rilke Room 129a)

X-Country Running Team
Herr Honer

 Jamboree Sport Team   

Frau Maddy
French Club    
Frau Oakley    Oakley_Susan@asdk12.org