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Reese Forums Announcement

RIHSPI members and supporters may now access our forums at this link. Please register and spread the word.

RIHSPI and it's collection of photos will be featured in the soon to be released Department of Transportation and Communications book entitled Paglalakbay: Transportation in the Philippines currently being edited by Junep Ocampo (former Motoring editor of Philstar).  

RIHSPI also met the architects of Concep and PNR for the development masterplan of Paco Railroad Station and restoration of the railroad station building last February 16, 2010.  


A good day for RIHSPI.

RIHSPI received a letter from the National Historical Institute and was informed that the Historic and Preservation Division of the National Historical Institute recommends the declaration of the Paco Railroad station as a National Historical Landmark and the installation of a National Historical Marker.  The society also received a message that PNR concurs with the recommended declaration. PNR also informed the society that the Office of the President approved the budget for the restoration of the railroad station. Picture above shows newly elected officers of RIHSPI showing the letter from the NHI in front of Paco Railroad Station.

The newly elected officers and trustees of RIHSPI are the following: Alberto Nual, President; Karel Brouwers, Vice President; Edlee Tusi, Secretary; Jaime Tiongson, Treasurer; Antonio Figureoa, Alan Hicks and Bill Sullivan, trustees. Election of officers was held last February 6, 2010.


 PNR 922 at Naga Station. September 16, 2009. Photo courtesy of Vic Nierva.

 New Naga Station. September 16, 2009. Photo courtesy of Vic Nierva.

Newly refurbished passenger cars. September 16, 2009. Photo courtesy of Vic Nierva.

Inside the newly refurbished passenger cars. Photo courtesy of Vic Nierva.

PNR 922 at Ragay Station. September 20, 2009. Photo courtesy of Ryoichi Motoyoshi.

Members of RIHSPI  with Philippine National Railways Chairman Mike Defensor, PNR DMU Inauguration, July 14, 2009.

 RIHSPI members with PNR General Manager Manuel Andal and Mr. Zaldy Marasigan, PNR DMU Inaguration, July 14, 2009.

The Buda 22 restored by the Railways and Industrial Heritage Society of the Philippines, Inc.

 Philippine National Railways DMR (3,4,5,6) and ITR (2,3) arrived last June 2, 2009 on board Asian Spirit. Exclusive coverage of the unloading was done by the RIHSPI team.  Video of the unloading here.  

Philippine National Railways DMR 3


RIHSPI President Jaime F. Tiongson showing PNR General Manager Manuel Andal the Manila Railroad Company historic pictures currently on display at the Tutuban lobby.

  RIHSPI Vice President and Trustee Karel Brouwers preparing the photowall sponsored by Kakami Design.

Buda 22

The Buda 22 was sent to Luzon from the United States of America in one of the Victory ships during World War liberation of the Philippines.  The railcar was used by the US 771st Railway Grand Division in the rehabilitation and maintenance of the railroad lines from January 1945 to January 1946 and was turned over to the Manila Railroad Company subsequently.  The 8-man multi-gauge railcar was made by Kalamazoo Manufacturing Co. of Kalamazoo, Michigan.  The  Manila Railroad Company named the car after another railcar company, the Buda Engine Company of Harvey, Illinois and was used for more than 50 years.   It has a 60 HP Willys Model MB gasoline engine, 4-wheel chain drive and forward-reverse lever with 3 speeds in each direction.   Just like the military jeeps that were converted to jeepneys after World War II, the chassis of the Buda-22 was extended and sidings and roof installed to protect the crew from the natural elements.   Currently being restored by the Railways and Industrial Heritage Society of the Phils., Inc.  and Kakami Design.   Please see photos of the restoration here.

Reese Vice President Karel Brouwers showing PNR General Manager Manuel Andal the newly restored Buda 22 now on display at the west side of Tutuban Station lobby.

Members of the Railways and Industrial Heritage Society of the Phils., Inc. installed a photowall at the Museo  of San Pablo featuring the San Pablo Station, Magampon Station and Tiaong Station of the Main Line South 1910-1911.  More information here.

New Philippine National Railways Rotem DMU was unloaded today, March 19, 2009, at the Manila Harbor Center.  The DMUs arrived from Korea on board Asian Chorus. Photo courtesy of Reese member Vic Nierva.  Historic unloading coverage by the society was made possible thru the recently approved heritage survey and historical documentation memorandum of agreement between RIHSPI and PNR. More information and photos will be made available in our inaugural newsletter.  Video of the unloading here.

Reese members Alberto Nual, Jaime F. Tiongson, Karel Brouwers, Alan Hicks, Edlee Tusi, Antonio Figueroa and Ryoichi Motoyoshi together with PNR General Manager Manuel Andal, Atty Edwin Cacayorin and Mr. Zaldy Marasigan, November 6, 2008. Reese and PNR discussed Paco Railroad Station Heritage Project.

 Reese members Jaime F. Tiongson and Karel Brouwers with DOTC Undersecretary for Railways Guiling A. Mamondiong. Declaration of Paco Railroad Station as a National Historical Landmark was proposed by RIHSPI during the railways cluster meeting last September 30, 2008 attended by MRT3, LRTA, Panay Railways, PNR, OTS and DOTC officials.  Reese members Alan Hicks, Antonio Figueroa, Ryoichi Motoyoshi and Alberto Nual also attended the  meeting.


The Railways and Industrial Heritage Society of the Phils., Inc. is a non-stock, non-profit group organized to study, encourage interest and educate the public about the railways and industrial heritage of the Philippines.

The society aims to foster and develop a membership network for the preservation and restoration of Philippine railways and industrial heritage.

The Philippine railways historical collection of the members and friends will be housed in the library and museum of the society, 

RIHS (pronounced Reese) is an  association duly registered with the Philippine Securities and Exchange Commission.


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