Please join us at WF-IoT 2016 for MARTCPS on
Mon, Dec 12, 2016 in Reston, VA, USA

This workshop is about engineering of smart cyber physical systems (CPS) through models at runtime and networked control. CPS are distributed, software-intensive smart systems that control—through feedback loops—tightly integrated computational and physical components. To support automated reasoning about dynamic system uncertainty and variability—and assurance in turn, a key strategy is to support continuous validation through models at runtime (MART).

Advances in the interconnected capabilities of CPS affect virtually every engineered system. The societal impact of CPS is enormous. IoT and CPS technologies are becoming the key enabling technologies for how we interact, control, and build smarter engineered systems, such as autonomous vehicles, power grids, renewable energy systems, manufacturing plants, supply chains, medical systems, and building systems. Thus, CPS realize smart systems that seamlessly integrate and closely interact through sensors and actuators with the real world.