Checks to be done before allowing notification benefit

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031/27-02-2010 Seeks to exempt packaged & canned software from customs duties

030/27-02-2010 Initial setting up of a solar energy project

029/27-02-2010 Additional Duty on specified goods SAD (MRP marked packaged goods etc.)  

028/27-02-2010 Parts etc. for manufacture of mobile phones, battery chargers etc.

027/27-02-2010 films, gaming software etc from customs duties

026/27-02-2010 Exemption from Spl. CVD to Electrical energy (Rescinded)

025/27-02-2010 Electrical energy other than the supply from SEZ to DTA

013/19-02-2010 Imported into India for the purpose of organising the Common Wealth Games, 2010

153/31-12-2009 Exempts goods when imported into India from Malaysia / Singapore / Thailand   

112/29-09-2009  Exempts certain material required for the manufacture of the final goods

080/07-07-2009  Exempts packaged software or canned software  

136/24-12-2008  Exempts certain goods

107/06-10-2008 On specified products from Bangladesh, Bhutan, Nepal, Maldieves under SAFTA Agreement.

096/13-08-2008 Duty free tariff preference for Least Developed Countries

022/01-03-2008  Exempts goods specified in Table from the whole of the National Calamity Contingent duty  

102/14-09-2007  Exemption granted to Additional Customs duty on imported goods

021/01-03-2007  Goods falling under the tariff item specified in the Table

091/01-09-2006 Focus Product Scheme in FTP 2004-2009

020/01-03-2006 Effective rates of additional duty of customs on specified goods

094/10-09-2004  Advance Licence for Annual Requirement FTP 2004-2009

093/10-09-2004  Advance Licence or Advance authorization 

048/29-04-1999   Annual Advance License - Actual User Condition annual requirement EXIM Policy 1997-2002

030/01-04-1997   Advance license with actual user condition. EXIM Policy 1997-2002

036/23-07-1996   Import of goods at concessional rate of duty for manufacture of excisable goods Rules

032/23-07-1996   Jobbing 

148/19-09-1995   VBAL Policy 1992-95 - export products Leather / Textile garments including knitwear

130/25-08-1995   EPCG Scheme - Components imported for manufacture of capital goods 

110/05-06-1995   EPCG Scheme licence issued on or after 1st May, 1995

106/02-06-1995   For export of readymade garments

079/31-03-1995   VBAL issued on or after 1.4.95

104/16-03-1994   Durable containers

207/17-07-1989   Food stuffs and provisions for non citizens 

003/09-01-1989   Exemption to goods imported for display or use at fair or similar events

151/14-05-1982   Duty leviable on freight incurred on movement from port of entry to ICD

018/23-01-1963   The Accessories (Condition) Rules, 1963 

273/25-10-1958    Re-import of unclaimed or refused or redirected postal articles

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