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We tell you what the law tells you to do


we teach you ‘how to do’

   1.Legislators 2.Executives 3.Judiciary 4.Press

                                        We perfectly understand the needs of the ‘executives’ functioning  as                                          Administrators / Law Enforcement Officials / Facilitators

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RIIF is an organization functioning from 2007. Wherever system failures affecting efficient functioning in governance are noticed, we reinvent standards in vogue till the early years of independence or trigger action to evolve new standards fitting to the present day. 

         We invite retired officers to review our drafts before publication / before sending to Govt. offices.  

Work with Wisdom Series - Practical Guides to LEOs / Administrators.  

[Lawyers, Entrepreneurs & Officials]    

001. Administrative Procedures for Law Enforcement Officers[LEO]  

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002. Mahazar@Mahazarnama@Panchnama [Revised]                                

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Enforce Law Lawfully – Peace & Prosperity only through Justice. 

We assist executives to Administer / Enforce Law  - Lawfully alone.

We help citizens to stand in support of law enforcement, law making and in dispensing justice.

On request, we would counsel officials to surmount hurdles in performing official duties as per law.

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