Rigel Institute’s mission is to provide superior academic training, career and technical skill development in demand occupations and to provide life enriching personal enhancement programs to ensure that our students secure and maintain self-sustaining careers.
 Our Vision
Rigel Institute’s vision is that every capable and committed Rigel student will establish a career in a demand occupation because of Rigel’s exceptional educational, technical skills, career and personal development programs. 
 Our Philosophy
Rigel Institute is committed to providing high-quality vocational education and training to those who have chosen to not pursue a college education, but who are looking for educational, training, certification and licensing opportunities to launch, advance or change their career. As such, Rigel is proud to offer programs, services and academic courses to adults seeking  opportunities for personal development; educational training and advancement to attain employment and/or advance their professional career in this vastly growing and integral industry. 
  About Us

Rigel Institute (“Rigel”) is a premier adult vocational education institution whose’ leadership and staff are committed to ensuring that all of our students develop the necessary academic, technical, linguistic and interpersonal skills necessary to secure and retain productive and rewarding careers. 

In addition to our pertinent academic and technical skill development programs, here at Rigel Institute we understand that in today’s society, in order to achieve optimum success and to attain and maintain a successful career, one must also possess adequate interpersonal and life skills.  As such, Rigel also offers Personal Enhancement Programs to ensure that our students graduate in the best possible position to succeed and sustain economic self-sufficiency.