Narrowboat "Poppy"

The Kenai Cabin

The Kenai Peninsula shore

My home consists of time spent on design projects in Florida, spending Summers on my narrowboat on the English canals, and spending the Winters in a cabin in Alaska. The contrasts are phenomenal and beautiful. Each environment informs and gives me much joy, feeding my curiosity, and desire to share beautiful spaces and things.

Our ability to connect with my clients and friends, which are in the same category, and to provide my design products online has allowed this particularly global existence.

As of 2022 I have sold my dear Poppy and am now touring the USA's lower 48  during the summers collecting images of places I have only heard of.  A new website and efforts to share garden history will be coming along!

Who we are:

As of November of 2019 I will no longer offer design services as a registered landscape architect.  I will still be available for limited consulting on landscape design but my energy will be refocused on sharing a longstanding interest in the history of landscape architecture. This website will remain as a place to contact me and to link to all the various means I am discovering to share a love of history. It has been a pleasure to take part in a fantastic design discipline devoted to the public good and beauty and I will be eternally grateful for my education at the University of Michigan and my training I received as a new graduate working under Mr. James Urban, FASLA in his office in Annapolis, Maryland.

Rigall/Design, was a landscape architectural firm located in Tampa, Florida, USA with more than 39 years experience in institutional, corporate, municipal, and residential projects. We have enjoyed working for many of these years with long-standing clients, some that have been served by our firm since its inception. Rigall/Design has teamed with the best and most demanding architects in the United States.

Our clients have included large and small municipal governments, community associations and special tax districts, international corporations, and people with very special garden design requirements.

We would like an opportunity to get to know you and see how we could contribute to your next project.

Our Mission:

Landscape architecture is a synthesis of technology, ecology, and art that meets an important human need or community goal. Humankind’s development of its environment has historically focused on limited goals with an equally limited understanding of the resulting impact on our environment. The need to satisfy immediate needs was defined within the perception that nature could and should be dominated. We believe that the marketplace now perceives our relationship to our environment in more complex terms and that doing so helps elevate the position of mankind, finally, from “despoiler” to “steward”. Our mission is to elevate each aspect of our design to an appropriate level meeting mankind’s need for holistic design solutions that are sympathetic to nature’s complexity.

Our Company Profile:

Rigall/Design was formed by David Rigall in 1999 to continue his practice that began in 1988 as Rigall & Parker, Inc. The firm specializes in providing personal attention to the needs of its clients and we believe our ability to contribute to a team seamlessly is unmatched.