Welcome to Ridge School Kindergarten!

Kindergarten Announcements

June 13th Summer Book Fair 

KBA 10:00-10:20

KC 10:20-10:40

KBP 12:40-1:00

June 16th Field Day All kindergartners attend the AM session.  Dismissal will be at 11:45.  If your child takes a bus, they will leave at 11:20 unless you pick them up that day.  For bus riders, please let us know your plan (We will put them on the bus if we don’t hear from you.).

June 20th Kindergarten Ice Cream Party Families are welcome to attend (younger siblings only). Our parties will be at the following times: 

                                  AM classes 10:20-11:20

PM classes 2:00-3:00

June 21st Last Day of School All kindergartners attend the AM session (8:35-11:20).

Curriculum Corner