Mrs. Kern's 2nd Grade Class Room

School: South Ridge Elementary School
Class: 2nd
Room: 7
Phone: 360-619-1500

    I would like to welcome you to my classroom at South Ridge Elementary. This is my second year here at South Ridge. I got married over the summer, so my name has changed( formerly known as Miss Zimmerman). I am a graduate of Ohio State University, where I completed a Master’s of science in early childhood education. This is my ninth year teaching. I am excited to be on this educational journey with you and your child!

Classroom Info.

Specialist Schedules:

     Monday                              Tuesday                                Wednesday                            Thursday                           Friday

Music- 9:45                  Library- 9:45                Art- 10:15                          PE- 9:15                Music- 9:15

                                                                                                                                                                    PE 10:10

Take Home Folders:

    Every day your child will bring home their Take Home Folder. This folder will be used as a means of communication between home and school. These will also help teach the students organizational skills and responsibility, for they need to be returned to school every day.


Students will have the opportunity for snack time every day at school. There will be 10-15 minutes each day for snack. During this time students can eat a healthy snack that they have brought from home. If you have any questions about a snack please ask in advance!

Here are some examples of appropriate and inappropriate snacks:

Appropriate snacks:                                     Inappropriate snacks:

fruit                                                                candy                                 

yogurt                                                             gum

crackers                                                          cookies           

granola bars                                                    cupcakes          

raw vegetables                                                cakes or pies                      

dry cereal                                                        chips       



    Your child’s special day is important to them, so let’s make the most of it! When it is getting close to your child’s birthday, please let me know whether or not you plan on sending in a treat. I will let you know how many and when the best time for us. If your child has a summer birthday, or it falls during one of our breaks, I will be more than happy to accommodate a different day. 

Classroom Behavior:

As a way to monitor classroom behavior, I will be implementing the color system. Students will begin the day on green. I have provided the criteria for earning each color.

Blue - Student is having a super day.

Green - Student is on track in the classroom.

Yellow -Warning

Orange - Lunch/Recess detention

Red - After school detention, sent to the office, or call home.

*****Each student has a calendar in their planner. These calendars will be used as a way for families to see how their child did at school that day. We will color in a rectangle to show how your child did at school each day.