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Summer is the ideal time to pick up a book of your choice and relax. Head to our
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Have a great summer and happy reading!

Mrs. Johnson is in New Orleans this weekend collecting our Collaborative School Library Award at the American Library Association annual conference. Hopefully, she's also collecting lots of new books from the dozens of authors that will be there!


What is happening inside the body that allows it to obtain and utilize energy?

Check out this page to learn about this collaborative science lesson that won the 2018 AASL Collaborative School Library Award!

Human Body Systems ‎‎(In the Sandbox)‎‎

"How do we capture the essence of another human being beyond what he or she looks like?"

Founders Hall & SRMS Portrait Exchange


Augmented Reality comes to SRMS
Our 7th graders create book covers and write fictional final chapters resolving world conflicts. They "pitch" their books using Aurasma.

For more, check out this