Welcome to the Art Room! 

The goal of the Scotland School art program is to allow each student to express themselves visually through their artwork, and see themselves as an artist. Art lessons are designed to develop skills, stimulate creative thinking and encourage problem solving.  Students at all grade levels are exposed to an assortment of media and techniques, famous artists and other cultures through art activities. All of this is accomplished while we have fun drawing, painting, ceramics, sculpture, printmaking, metal foil tooling, portraiture, still life and figure studies.

Interdisciplinary units are frequently coordinated with other disciplines to create cohesive units of study. As children move to the next grade level, the skills and vocabulary developed, the techniques assimilated, and the knowledge acquired in the previous year is built upon to provide for a sequential, academic and cohesive art education.  

Art instruction at Scotland also goes beyond the curriculum and is involved with The Katonah Museum of Art through student field trips in grades K, 2 and 5 and the PTA inspired Learning to Look Art Program.