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This web page is dedicated to my students, and their parents or guardians.






This web site is created to help you be successful in your study of the Spanish language. Please be mindful that it is intended as a supplement to your learning and that your main source to study is your text book combined with classroom instruction and assignments.


There are a variety of learning tools available to you which will help you to increase your vocabulary and mastery of Spanish grammatical skills. They include exercises, videos, and power point presentations.



Parents and guardians:


This web page is in English to enable you to explore it and encourage your children to use it as a tool for review to succeed in their study of the Spanish language. If you have any ideas or suggestions to improve this web page, please contact me.





If you notice any material that you have created and I have failed to acknowledge you, please contact me ASAP so I may honor your hard work.


If you have something that you would like to contribute to improve this web page, please contact me and don’t forget to identify yourself.