Welcome to the 18-21 Transition Program.

To the maximum extent possible, each of our students with disabilities will be able to:

Explain his or her disability, including individual strengths, needs, preferences and interests

Utilize self determination skills, including choice making, problem solving, communication and self advocacy

Strengthen self-esteem and social-emotional awareness by analyzing their strengths and challenges in order to implement goals

Assist with development of their IEP and participate or facilitate their PPT meetings

Demonstration of leadership skills to positively influence behavior and positive social skills

Understand their rights and responsibilities under the Disability Legislation

Demonstrate acceptance and the ability to - 
  • Understanding of responsibilities related to independent living
  • Demonstrate appropriate social interaction and development of relationships
  • Access of appropriate physical and mental healthcare resource to meet individual needs
  • Access to community resources and community participation 
  • Access appropriate post-secondary education, training, lifelong learning or employment opportunities suited for individual needs
  • Identify and self-advocate for accommodations necessary for equal access and participation in post school education/employment
  • Access appropriate transportation (public and private)
  • Use of technology to enhance employment, learning and community involvement/opportunity

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