Juniors & Parents: 
            Post High School planning begins here! Students can find information on how to create a Common App Account, match your Common App to your Naviance account, request transcripts to be sent to schools, and how to complete and send the Common Application. Refer to the student resources page for information on these topics. 
            Parents can find more information on the parent specific page.

            Naviance is a college and career readiness platform that helps connect academic achievement to post secondary goals. At RHS, we use Naviance to do many things. Juniors will continue their work with Naviance by identifying new skills and accomplishments to be included in their resume, reading and reviewing information about college admissions, and updating colleges of interest. In addition, Naviance is used to track college admissions data that is specific to the Ridgefield High School population. Naviance also lets us share information about upcoming college visits, events and scholarship opportunities.
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Information about Financial Aid:
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Information about the PSAT:
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Grade 11 Chart:
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