How do class switches work in 5th grade?

Switching classes in 5th grade is going to be easy for you. You just have to stay organized. 

At 11:00, after Readers Workshop, we change topics to Writing. After that, it's time to switch to Math at noon in Mrs. Mason's room. 
  1. We'll line up in the back of our classroom with our materials and wait for Mrs. Mason's class to take their seats for Writing. Then, you'll move into the hall and walk to her room for Math. 
    • HINT: Be ready to switch before it's time to go. Keep the supplies and books you need for each class together in your drawer so you can just grab them. Set it all up when you arrive in the morning: sharpen your pencils, find your pens, get your homework from your pack. 
    • HINT: Don't rush. You'll forget something and have to come back to get it. 
  2. Which seats? Mrs. Mason will tell you where to sit in her room. 
  3. After Math, we go to recess and lunch. After that, you'll come back to class, collect your materials and either 
    • stay in our room for Science (ACE days) or 
    • line up as before to go to Social Studies (BDF days). 
PS: If you have one of those plastic pencil boxes, you may not bring it to my class. They ALWAYS fall and spill during switches. You have  zipper pouch waiting for you in class. 

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  • Welcome to 5th Grade! Now that you know I'm your child's teacher, you probably want to know a lot more. I've sent you a letter, but if you haven't gotten it, here is a link. Looking forward to meeting you on Wednesday, August 30 at 2:00. Room 18. 
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  • Welcome, parents! Sometimes class handouts or messages don't make it home. Generally, I'll try to put a copy of whatever I've sent home right here. (This doesn't apply to handouts I get in printed form from the PTA or the Office.) Other times I may just want to show or tell you something cool we've done in class. I'll put that here as well. 
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  • Welcome to Grade 5 Science Most of the information you'll need for Science will be in Google Classroom. Here, you can also find some helpful links, documents and reminders. 
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