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Keyboard Programs

Recycling Activities

Trey’s Green Life

Trey’s Green Life consists of an interactive walkthrough of Trey’s day that’s full of energy-saving and recycling tips. This is great for kids who love to read. The walkthrough brushes on topics like water conservation, eating locally, biking to school, and saving energy.

Recycle This

Recycle This is a game presented by NASA that is all about understanding just how long a plastic bottle or aluminum will sit in a landfill if thrown in the garbage. Kids will use the touchpad to sort through waste and send each material into the right bin—paper, plastic, metal, glass or trash. There are four levels of play so its great for kids of all ages!

Clean Up the River: Designed for elementary school kids, this game from Clean Up Australia has students cleaning up a river.

ROSCOE’s Recycle Room: Another collection of games, sponsored by the Steel Recycling Institute.

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