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Valet Bike Parking services by

Spokes  provides valet bike parking services at public events around the East Bay. Check out our Calendar of Bike Parking Events Richmond Spokes

If you are an event organizer and wish to have valet bike parking provided at your event, we offer fee for services valet bike parking, which is secure and staffed by trained and courteous bike parking attendants, and SPOKES Trained

Youth Interns. 

 If you are interested in hiring us, just fill out the form below and hit "submit." We will review your information, work up a quote and get back in touch with you within three days. We prefer you contact us at least 30 days prior to your event in order to ensure that we can provide the bike parking services.


Corperate Rates Starting at $500 / day
Non-Profit/School Rates  Starting at $300 / day
Municipal Rate Starting at $500/ day
Community member or private party $30 / hour
**Free for contracts with  Farmers & Flea Markets 
**Free for (CBO) Community Bike Organizations with events under 300 attendees

*rates are based on budget , size and  the over all commitment  to environmental justice of the event.
**Free events require SPOKES permission to vend beverages and  perform Fixins

****Racks can be provided non attended for  self service bike parking @ $25 / rack per day.

 You must completely fill out  the Valet BIke parking form below for each event in order to get booked.

Please direct any questions you may have to  SPOKES' Executive Director who is currently coordinating SPOKES Valet Bike Parking  Brian Drayton

Past Valet  Parking events

Valet Bike Parking Form (click "Submit")