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•Reality Rides & Social Rides

Reality Rides

Richmond SPOKES Reality Rides are a series of volunteer rides that engage the local cycling community in completing self-assessments of existing and proposed bike routes. During these rides, routes will be assessed for safety, difficulty, accessibility and connectivity. Road hazards will be documented and mapped and the resulting evaluations presented to relevant City and county agencies. Reality Ride evaluations will also be used to help inform the Bicycle Pedestrian Plan currently in process. Although the rides themselves serve the purpose of increased safety and road access for bicyclists, they will also help to bring together the local cycling community giving Richmond Spokes a face and community presence in Richmond.
Pedestrian and Bicycle Audits
Richmond SPOKES will lead the bicycling portion of Contra Costa Counties Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety Audits of targeted Richmond neighborhoods. The audits will begin in the spring of 2009

Social Rides
SPOKES social rides are scheduled around events and seasonal riding opportunities.   We hope to have more Social Rides and collaborate with other local community based bike organizations in having casual and critical mass style rides to increase the popularity and visibility of cycling for everyone.    Richmond wants to have family or (KIDICAL  MASS) rides that get youth and their families  out on bikes exploring their neighborhoods.  We will be having our first  SPOKES kidical mass ride from Richmond To Berkeley on on the Bay Trail ... Destination... The Berkeley Kite Festival Valet Bike Parking.

Keep your eyes on our event calendar to  see when things are going on or check our face book for up to the minute news on SPOKES  activities.