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SPOKES Family Bike Collective


To share active  Family Cycling resources and equipment to provide ease of access to bicycles, accessories, and gear for the mobile family.  


In today’s growing economy families are learning how to save money and conserve consumption by incorporating greener ways of getting around, building homes, recycling consumables, and reusing the tools for life.    The Family Bicycle collective is an extended group of engaged families dedicated to greening transportation while enjoying human powered transportation.   The Collective will collect, maintain, and redistribute green gear for the human powered and alternative transit supporting families.


Families become members of the collective in one of three ways:

Membership Form

1. Fee bases membership

A family can become a member by buying a membership. There is a one time Membership fee of $100   for each member’s child under 12 years old.    There is a Different fee for Youth 13-18 years old of $175.  Because of increased autonomy and reduced supervision the teen membership reflects insurance and maintenance fees that grow proportionately with typical teen use.

2. Donation based (trade – in) Membership

 Any family currently with bikes can trade their clean working bikes in and after a general value assessment can begin in the Size swap or other benefits of membership.

Each bike traded in represents a membership unit.   IE   3 Bikes = 3 memberships.

Families that make in –kind donations of volunteer time and or services can earn credit towards membership or upgrades.

3. Scholarship and needs based membership.

Scholarships can be had for many reasons but needs based conditions take special consideration.

These conditions are reviewed on a case-by-case basis and are reserved slots granted   only by consensus of the scholarship committee.

4. Purchase Based Membership

Families can  Purchase Membership with a trade in voucher  that comes with any new youth bike purchase.

Membership includes:
One Bike Per membership
Free Tune Ups (parts and accessories not included)
20% Discount on accessories and parts

The Bikes

Gleaned, maintained and distributed by  Spokes, the bikes are all quality safe, and fun bikes selected for the comfort and practicality for youth within a specific size and weight ratio.    When a bicycle is donated it is thoroughly inspected and appraised by trained mechanics apprenticed by youth and youth mentors.   Overhauls adjustments and part replacements are made and then the cycles are sorted into our fleet.

Members can request new sized bikes for family members online or come to the warehouse on appointment to swap their old bike for the new proper fitting bike.

Memberships are transferable within families but not between families.   It is recommended that Bike not be stored unused in residences for more than one season.    Members will get reminders to check in and report status and use of bikes to keep the inventory available.   If you return a bike without getting a replacement, your family will receive membership credit  for keeping your investment.  Membership Credits can be gifted to the programs scholarship Fund  ans is tax deductible.


 If you don't have a family , but would like to sponsor a child or family please donate here.

This will provide a family in need with a Bike they can depend on for years.

Quick Donation Levels 

$5 = FBC  Friend   $20 =FBC supporter   $50=SBC Angel $100=FBC Starter

$200 FBC Super Friend

FBC DOnation