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Community Bike Collective

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The Community Bike Collective mission is to create a collaboration between the community based bicycle organizations spr
inging up Nationally in the United States and Urban Centers near SPOKES Chapters.

It is our goal that through resource sharing and collaborative organizing, to mobilize the greening of our communities by promoting the reduction of our individual and regional carbon footprint, increasing community health, encouraging a collective social movement, and liberating our region from the disconnect and the addictions created by oil dependency through cycling. 

We believe that in working collectively we can leverage more local , regional, state and federal funding and exercise a "critical mass" to change the face of how we live life. 

Life at the speed of bike will can change global prospecties on acting and working locally, sustainability and , generating a culture of producers rather than consumer. Through this culture we gain prospective on how collectively when we work on our personal and community health and economy we promote a healthy world globally. 

CBC is not an organization but a movement looking to be a foundation.  Through our membership we plan to multiply each individuals passion and action to move this culture toward eco sustainability, social justice, and equitable distribution of resources around mobility and freedom of movement while we stewart the planet through greening our personal transportation.   The effects of this movement will send waves through the oil industry, the auto industry, our city infrastructures and social economies. 

Thank you for exploring this reality shift with us ...Be vocal and RIDE A BIKE!

Please Become a  Charter member free for the founding members spring 2013.  Membership fees will be defined in our new website  launch in June 2013

 CBC will also host fundraisers and bike parties throughout the year.

 2013 CBC will have bi-annual  member meetings rotating through member sites to talk about the collaborative needs around biking in the bay and sustainability in our communities.  

Our First meeting was at  SPOKELAND  for the Bici Bici  2013

Conference for Bike Coops.

 CBC also will moderate and archive discussions about the work we all do to green our hoods and cities on FaceBook and the Website.


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