Occupy Richmond

 Occupy Richmond GET READY!

In the Spirit of Occupy Wall Street


Richmond Residents, businesses, Policy makers, Municipal agencies, trade unions, neighborhood councils, youth, and adjoining cities are encouraged to show  the 1%  that  we, the 99% , are not down with the economic abuse of the corporations and individuals leading the top 1%.

We will no longer accept the oppressive economic and institutional abuses by “ONE Percenters” who create vast disparities between a massive majority of the population who are struggling to just live while striving to thrive and accessing our natural right to healthy food, water, housing, air, and an equitable economy.  We are clear that tax evasion, price gouging, and monopolies are unacceptable in society committed to justice for all.

Gathering at the Parking Lot behind the East Bay Center for Performing arts and RICHMOND SPOKE SHOP BIKE LOUNGE located at 341 11th Street in Richmond

From Oakland: Exit 580 at Harbour Way North X Street McDonald & Nevin

From the North: on 80 Take Exit at Barrett Ave and head West to MacDonald

This  Schedule is  a guide and subject to change with  capacity time and  external influences.

  • 4:00 Gather at  341 11th Street
  • 5:00 Mobilize for the Walk to  Richmond Parkway  down McDonald ( 10 blocks)
  • 5:45 move towards and up Barrett  heading to Richmond City Hall ( 26 Blocks)
  • 6:30 Occupy Civic  Center Plaza (City Hall) Community and Civic Speakers  **
  • 6:30 Break off group up Barrett to San Pablo Banking corner McDonald and San Pablo. (15 Blocks)
  • 7:30 Break off group heads down McDonald to  Sunset  Ceremony at City Hall  ...more community Addresses **
Facebook event:  http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=285262951493631

This form is  a great way to start your participation .  If you wish not to document your participation or attendance ,  please just  show up!

Occupy Richmond Organizers Volunteer and participation form

If you can't participate . This movement  could use your donation of  water, food,  Paper, poster board, paint,  picket  stix, Tents, Lawn chairs, and Monetary support.

SPOKES is  not  leading this or creating this  movement  however SPOKES is facilitating strategic partnerships to ensure that community voice , mobility and awareness is achieved.   SPOKES has no budget, no funding, no political platform  in this process other than  our mission .... and vision to   create a economically and socially healthy Richmond through developing youth entrepreneurs that understand  how our systems work and how to further close the economic loop in their community while increasing  local  economy and prosperity.

Our donation is facilitating a bike contingent and mobile sound system and our time away from our new  SPOKESHOP BIKE LOUNGE... 

~~~~All donations are to this support and this community function. ~~~~~~

Spokes community Mobilization support