Computer Fund

Hello Community,

Richmond SPOKES is looking for Technology donations.     

We also have an agreement  that we can do trade with MAC store in Berkeley towards credit on viable donations.   What this means  is if your donation meets this minimum,  we may be able to combine multiple donations for store credit on new  computers.

Please FORWARD  this email even if you don't have a donation yourself.  Your referral may land us  the resources we need to bring our communications, digital presence, online outreach, and information management up to date.

If You can Make a MONETARY DONATION please  click here and make a secure donation PayPal Online.
You can also send a check or contact us.

In order to run the software we need to run our organizations we need to find 2 computers that meet the following minimum requirements:

MAC Computers running OSX  10.4  or higher.

1. Laptops: At least a Powerbook G4 aluminum (not titanium).

2. Desktops:

    * Quicksilvers
    * Mirror Doors
    * any iMac G4 or newer
    * eMacs

If you come across any of these models that you could pass on we would really really appreciate the donation.

Thank you, as always!

Brian Drayton
Executive Director
Richmond, California
Why re-invent the wheel ...when you can tighten the spokes?