Donate A Bike

SPOKES will gladly receive donated bikes to be recycled to the community.

We receive bikes by reservation on Each Operating Saturday of the month at the SPOKESHOP Bike Lounge  465 9TH ST OAKLAND, CA 94607  . reservations can be made  through the form below. Please confirm with a phone call or email the day before the drop off.  510-545-2203

Your donated bike may be used for our Build-a bike programs, Family Bike Collective, and /or recycling at the SPOKESHOP.   The bikes for the Family bike collective provide bikes to families that may not be able to afford membership.   Each working Youth bike donated, equals a one-year membership for a child in a family.

Our bike shop is community operated and run by youth from the Richmond Community.

Our focus is bike repairs service and retail, and we are also a free helmet distribution site for Richmond, CA in conjunction with The Richmond Police Department an Contra Costa Health Services.

We only accept CLEAN/WORKING youth, adult, and work bikes.  We currently don’t have Storage capacity for non-functional bikes.  However we will receive some bikes that need minimal repair and can be sold to generate funds for our programs or that can be used for our repair workshops

SPOKES Bike Donation Form