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Oakland SPOKES

Oakland SPOKES launch in September 2011 was in response to the community SPOKES has cultivated in many East  Bay Area cities over the last three years.   SPOKES has partners with a number of Oakland Community Based Bike Organizations and has for the duration of its development been involved in the foundation of the bike culture of the East Bay.

SPOKES' pursuit of Valet Bike Parking  began in Oakland by request of Oaklandish  and Helen Wyman  c/o Rockridge Out and About Street Festival.
Our first  bike valet was the Oaklandish Radio Regatta at the Lake Merrit Boat House. We parked about 50 bikes that day and it seemed  like that was enough.   Within a week we had a request for Rockridge out and about wit 35000 people expected to attend.

 That is when we made the firs version of our racks.    Our Bike check tickets was a deck of 52 playing cards and we learned real quick that there where eyes on what we do... 

We had a partnership with  Adam Keaton from Bay Air and set up in front of Hank and Frank Bicycle on College ave.
Keaton set up a double ramp with a Plateau and was doing BMX back flips  at the top of College and we parked  about 100 bikes that day.  

That year we parked about 400 bikes and the next year we parked  nearly 3000 bikes.
this summer we increased our capacity to do simultaneous parking events and  parked 650 bikes  in one day on the 4th of July with VBP  for  the City of Berkeley and the city of El Cerrito.