Signs of Glory


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"Somewhere.   Someplace.   750 Deaf die.  Every day.  The majority of the Deaf live without knowledge of Jesus...and die without Jesus...With so many Deaf who are lost, not because they want to be lost but because no one has ever told them how to be "found"....(from Prayer Points,  August 2010, by the International Mission Board)   Would you be willing to sign the Gospel for a deaf person?     
 Signs of Glory is a group of RCS High School girls using American Sign Language to portray the words of recorded music.  It is truly a beautiful way to lead others in worship towards God!


We will practice during High School lunch on Mondays in Mrs. McClure's room.  Members will be expected to practice signing with recorded music outside of class as well.   In order to maximize our rehearsal time, if possible, please bring food that does not need to be reheated.  Thank you! 

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