Announcements: Congrats to the 8th grade class for setting a record number of students passing the AHS Spanish placement test!!!!
Watch 8th grade students colloborate with 1st graders on global awareness of Mexican culture while teaching them basic Spanish and TPR.

Spanish Accent Codes:

The following "Alt" codes can be used to type accented vowels and Spanish punctuation on PC desktop computers (will not work on laptops or Macs).  Check first that your computer's "Number Lock" key is on, and then hold "Alt" and type the following codes on the numeric keypad (on the right side of your keyboard) to create the following punctuation:

á 160    Á 0193
é 130   É 144
í 161   Í 0205
ñ 164   Ñ 165
ó 162   Ó 0211
ú 163   Ú 0218
ü 129   Ü 154
¿ 168   ¡ 173
« 174   » 175


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Personal Information:
Masters-Marian University(C&I with Technology emphasis)
BS-University of Wisconsin-LaCrosse(Education and Spanish)
Semester abroad-Univesidad de Las Américas in Puebla México
2 years-Teacher in Charlotte, North Carolina
3 years-Teacher in Las Vegas, Nevada
8 years-Teacher in West Allis, Wisconsin
7 years-Richmond School
Married to Rachel(Principal)
Children-Samuel age 10 and Sophia age 7
Spain, France, Monaco, Mexico, Morocco, Jamaica, Gibraltar, Canada and Costa Rica twice
Family, travel, history, geography, running, sports, finance, stock market, coaching

Spanish Phrase of the DAY - World Travelor!!


Spanish Verb Conjugator



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