3rd Grade Science

All About Caves - Interesting facts about caves.
Cave of the Mounds - Learn about the science and history of the Cave of the Mounds. 
Cave of the Mounds: Glossary of Terms - Here is a list of words that will be used on your tour.
Caves: An Intro for Kids - Watch a video about the features of a cave.
Cool Facts on Amazing Caves - Learn about caves and how they are formed.
Encyclopedia Britannica: Caves - Search caves, click on the category tab, and learn about caves.
Exploring the Cave of the Mounds - Watch a video about the Cave of the Mounds.
Explore the World's Largest Cave - Explore inside the cave Hang Son Doong.
Fun Cave Facts For Kids - Learn how caves are formed and other fun trivia.
PebbleGo: Caves - Search caves, click on the tab title, and learn about caves.
Solution Cave Virtual Map - Learn about solution cave features as you explore using this interactive map.
Virtual Cave - Explore and learn about the inside of a cave.

Changing Circuits - Make a circuit with two light bulbs.

Circuits and Conductors- How do circuits work with cork, rubber, coins and other objects.
Electricity or Batteries - Do activities while you learn about which objects run on electricity or batteries.

Electricity and Circuits - Learn about electricity basics, simple circuits, insulators, and conductors.
Electric Circuits - Learn about electricity in your home, circuit components, changing circuits, and diagrams.
Electricity and Circuits - Activities about circuits.
Our Electricity - 
What is electricity? Where does it come from? Who discovered it? When is it dangerous? 
Silicon Spies - Learn about electricity while you play an interactive game.

Food Chains
Chain Reaction - Build a Northern and forest food chain.
Food Chain - Watch a video about the food chain then do activities.

Food Chain Game - Drag the parts of the food chain to the correct place.

Food Chain Quiz - Take the food chain quiz and decide who eats who.
Food Chains - Drag and drop the pictures to make a food chain.
Food Chains: Land and Sea - Make food chains to find out the most deadly creature on land and sea.

Pond and Woodland Food Chains - Find plant and animals in the picture. Build food chains and answer questions.

Habitat and Animal Adaptations

Animal Habitats Answer questions about animals living in different habitats.

Build Your Wild Self- Create your Wild Self by choosing animal features and habitats.
Create a Forest Habitat - Drag animals into the forest to create a forest habitat.
Create a Jungle Habitat - Drag animals into the jungle to create a jungle habitat.
Create an Ocean Habitat - Drag creatures into the water to create an ocean habitat.
Draw a Habitat - Draw the habitat for the animal given.
Encyclopedia Britannica - Explore and learn about animals that live in different habitats. (Click Animal Kingdom.)
Every Living Thing Has a Home - Place plants and animals in their environment.

Habitat Maker - Build a rain forest, desert, savanna and mountain habitat. 
Habitats - Components of what animals need in their habitat.

How Animals Meet Their Needs - Quick adaptation facts about animals.
Kratt's Creatures - Explore many habitats of the world and learn about animal adaptation.
Switch Zoo - Create new animals by giving them new characteristics and features.
What is an Ecosystem? - Learn about ecosystems, biomes, food chains, and more.
What's It Like Where You Live? - rain forests, desert, grasslands, rivers, ponds, wetlands, oceans and more.
Wildlife and Habitats - Learn more about animals and the habitats they live in.

All About Valleys - Facts about how valleys are formed.
Different Kinds of Landforms Video - Learn about mountains, plains, glaciers, delta, coasts, rivers, lakes, & islands.
Facts About the Grand Canyon - What makes the Grand Canyon so special? Trivia facts about the canyon.
Landforms - Learn about valleys, plateaus, mountains, plains, hills, loess, and glaciers.

Natural Disasters

All About Earthquakes and Why They Happen - Learn about earthquakes and what causes them.
All About Volcanoes and How They Spew Lava - Learn how and why volcanoes erupt.
Earthquakes - Learn about what causes earthquakes, fault lines, tectonic plates, Richter Scale and more.
Fema for Kids: Drought - Find out interesting facts about drought.
Fema for Kids: Earthquakes Find out interesting facts about earthquakes.
Fema for Kids: Volcanoes - Find out interesting facts about volcanoes. 
Hail Storms - Hail size and shape. How hail falls. Storms that cause hail. How bad can it get?
Hurricanes- What causes them, tracking them, what is the eye, stages, scales of hurricanes, and more.
Lightning - What causes lightning?
Planet Earth: Floods - What causes floods? What are different types of floods?
Rain and Floods- What causes rain? How fast do raindrops fall? What is a flash flood? safety and more.
Thunderstorms- How do they form, what causes them, lightning, watch vs. warning, safety, and more.
Smokey Bear - Learn how to stay safe and prevent wildfires.
Tornadoes - What is a tornado, how do they form, Fajita Scale, tornado safety, watch vs. warning, and more.
Tsunami - Facts about a tsunami.
Volcanoes - Learn about how volcanoes are formed, how they erupt, types of volcanoes and more. 
Wildfires- What causes wildfires? Where do wildfires happen? What are Santa Ana winds? and more.
Wind - What is wind? What makes wind blow? What makes a windstorm? What is a gust? and more.
Winter Storms - Blizzards, ice storms, snow, sleet, windchill, frostbite, watch vs. warning, and more. 

Dive and Discover - Learn about expeditions and how scientists explore underwater and learn about the ocean.

Enchanted Learning: Oceans - Learn information about the ocean.
Enchanted Learning: Ocean Animals - Click on an animal and learn interesting facts.
K-Sub - Dive down into the ocean and learn about all kinds of ocean animal life.
Kid Info: Aquatic Life- Facts about ocean animals.

Ocean Bottom - Learn about life in the Benthic, Mesopelagic and Bathypelagic ocean zones.
Ocean Light Zones
– Learn about the zones of the ocean and the life that lives there.
Ocean Realm - Learn about creatures that live in the ocean reef and monsters of the deep.
Sea World - Read about ocean animals, learn fun facts, hear animal sounds, and more.
Secrets of the Ocean Realm - Learn about ocean animals.
Shedd Aquarium - Learn about many types of ocean life by visiting the Shedd Aquarium.

Temperate Oceans Animals - Learn about fish and animals that live in the temperate ocean.

Tropical Ocean Animals - Learn about fish and animals that live in the tropical ocean.

Planets, Moon and Stars

Arty the Part Time Astronaut- Explore the solar system and learn about the planets.

Enchanted Learning: Constellations - Find names, facts and illustrations for lots of constellations.
Kids and Space - Information on our solar system

Lunar Cycle Challenge - Put the moon phases in the correct place on the calendar.

Planet Quick Facts- Find out some basic facts about the planets.
Solar System by Kids Astronomy – Explore and learn about the solar system.
Space Hopper Constellation Game - Clues are given; then name the constellations!

Stargazers - Do you know your constellations? Find out here.

The Moon's Phase - What does the moon look like today?
Zoom Astronomy - Learn about planets, sun, moon, stars, solar system and fun facts about space.

Biology of Plants – Learn about plant parts, making food, pollination, adaptations, and more.
Botany Basics - Flowers, fruit, seeds, stems, roots, leaves, trees, conifers, spores, and more.
Great Plant Escape - Be a detective and learn all about parts of a plant.
Great Plant Escape: Parts of a Flower - Learn about parts of a flower and what each part does.
Helping Plants Grow Well - Decide what a plant needs to grow.
Incredible Edibles Learn about tasty plant seeds, nuts, leaves, roots, fruits and grains.
Life Cycle of Plants - Learn the names of the flower and the function: sepal, petals, nectaries, stamen, receptacle.
Meet the Plant Parts - Make a salad while you decide which part of the plants the vegetables come from.
Parts of a Plant
- Learn about plant parts, importance of plants, edible plants, flower parts, and more.
Vegetable Cookery - Click on the section Plant Parts Used as Vegetables to find out about more.
Vegetables - List of vegetables and information about them.

All About Rocks - Watch a slide show and learn basic facts about 10 different kinds of rocks.

Earth: Our World in Motion - Many links to rocks and the earth.
Gems - Learn how gems form, how they're classified, what they look like, and more. 
Geo-Mysteries - Help Rex solve the mysteries about rocks, fossils and minerals.
Identify Rocks Game - Use the clues and guess the name of the rocks.
Igneous Rocks - Learn about how igneous rocks form.
Rock Cycle - Learn about how rocks change, how they are formed and the rock cycle.
Rock Hounds - Discover how rocks are formed - sedimentary, metamorphic, igneous.
Rock Identification - Learn about different types of rocks and what makes them special.
Rocks and Minerals - Learn about minerals, and how sedimentary, metamorphic, igneous rocks are formed. 
Rocks and Soils - Do virtual experiments using different types of rocks.
Rocks for Kids - Learn about kinds of rocks, how rocks are formed, rock pictures, the rock cycle, and more. 
Sedimentary Rocks - Learn about the layers of rocks.

Amaze-ing Underground - Go on a hunt for soil nutrients and water. Take pictures of things found in the soil.
All About Soil - Interesting facts about soil.
Dig-It! - Find out what kinds of soils are found in each state and why those soils are important.

The Dirt on Soil - Difference between soil and dirt. Learn about worms and other decomposers, take a soil safari.
Soil Biological Communities - Learn soil facts, do activities, journey inside the soil, take a quiz.
Soil-Tris - Different plants like different types of soil to grow. Grow wheat or potatoes and create soil structure.
Soiled Again - Solve this case, find out what soil is, why it is important, and in what kinds of soil plants grow.
What is Soil? - Learn what soil it, discover what inside soil, how is soil formed, properties of soil and activities.
What's Your Soil IQ? - See what you know about soil by taking this soil quiz.

States of Matter
BrainPop: Matching Solids, Liquids and Gases - Match solids, liquids and gases.
Games For Kids: Solids, Liquids, and Gases - Drag the objects into the right state of matter.
Sort Matter by Type - Collect the matter objects made of the same property.
States of Matter ABCya - Listen to a short video about matter and molecules, then to a practice activity.
Study Jams: Solids, Liquids, Gases - Watch a video then test your knowledge by doing activities.

Weather and Clouds
Clouds - How are clouds formed, kinds of clouds, why are clouds white or gray, experiments, and more.
Kid Info: Weather - Learn about clouds, heat waves, rainbows, lightning, severe storms and more.
Temperature- How is temperature measured? Wind chill, heat index, warnings, safety, and more.
Tree House Weather Kids - Seasons, temperature, air, wind, clouds, moisture, tornado, lightning, and more.
Weather Forecasting - Learn about the career of becoming a meteorologist and what they do to predict the weather.
Weather Wiz Kids: Learn about all kinds of weather, storms and more.