Meet Your Teachers
Hi!  Welcome to the Richmond School First Grade website.  We are excited for the 2018-2019 school year!  

Name:  Celeste DuFrane
Years at Richmond: 17 years
Hobbies:  Reading, music, hiking with family, biking and art
Favorites: Italian food, Legos, the color blue and the beach

This summer I spent time in Florida visiting my son and Arizona visiting relatives.  We had a great time hiking, kayaking and camping.  I am very excited to work with you and your children this year.

Mrs. DuFrane
Room 125
262.538.1360 ext. 125

Name:  Jeannette Buss
Years at Richmond: 11 years
Hobbies:  Reading, movies, playing with my kids, gardening and technology
Favorites: Italian food and Mexican food, Legos, the color purple and the beach

This summer I spent a lot of time outdoors!  This summer we went on a trip out to Delaware where we swam in the ocean and took a ferry to New Jersey.  We saw dolphins swimming in the ocean!  We visited the Flight 93 Memorial in Pennsylvania and made chocolate bars in Hershey.  
I am looking forward to a fantastic year in our newly remodeled classroom!

Mrs. Buss
Room 127
262.538.1360 ext. 127