REMINDER -- remember to wear your PJ'S on Wednesday for Polar Express Day.

--Our Christmas Party is on Friday!

Some friends getting very creative at recess time!

We loved joining our class together to make stone soup. yummy!!!!

Mr. Hunter came to talked to us about our body with real x rays and a replica skeleton! We learned about our brain, lungs, heart, stomach, intestines, and bones.

Happy Halloween! What fun costumes, treats, and games!

We practiced our letters in shaving cream! What a fun mess ;)

We are starting a chain reaction of kindness!

White out assembly!

We loved receiving a visit from the firemen!

We loved making mini apple pies for Aa apple week! Yum!

Adrion got to help in our Officer Phil program today! He did such a great job! 9/12/18

We are learning the letter Nn and how to make patterns. Therefore we made noodle necklaces! 9/11/18

6TH Grade helped us make me puppets and showed us the bus rules. 9/5/18