Career Prep Program

Career Prep is an alternative program unique to Richland School District Two that focuses on the job readiness and life skills necessary for students to successfully enter the adult world. The curriculum, Career Ready 101, was developed by ACT and is entirely online.  Students must complete a chosen Career and Technology Education (CATE) course, Health, and Biology, as well as take the End-of-Course test for Biology. The students also learn the Work Keys skills necessary to pass the Applied Math, Locating Information, and Reading for Information tests. This ensures, at a minimum, a Bronze National Career Readiness Certificate, which is necessary for employment in many major businesses which use this assessment for hiring purposes.


Robin Bacon, Job Coach

Alsena Edwards, Job Readiness

Monica Lawton, Math

Mitchell Moton, English

   What’s your level....................Bronze? Silver? Gold? or Platinum?         


Get the skills you need….Earn a

Point Recovery Policy:  Recovery of points is systematically built into the Career Ready 101 curriculum which allows for retakes of assignments and quizzes.