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Explorations Overview

Explorations Magnet Program


Goal: Application of problem-solving learning skills across the curriculum 

This four-year College Prep level magnet program is designed for motivated college-bound students who have an interest and aptitude in technology, math and science. The student participants will focus on problem-based learning, both in the classroom and in apprenticeship positions in their area of career interest. Forensics topics will be explored in magnet classes in addition to the Forensic Science freshman course. The goal of this program is to provide every opportunity for the student to experience the joy and excitement of EXPLORATION!


Math Courses


The EXPLORATIONS Math Seminar is taken during the first semester of the freshman year. This is a class specifically designed to review Algebra I and teach the math skills required to successfully complete the Explorations science classes taken during the program. Second semester, all students will be enrolled in EXPLORATIONS Geometry.


The sophomore year will see an equally strong focus on math with students taking EXPLORATIONS Algebra II in the fall semester and EXPLORATIONS Algebra III in the spring. All of these math courses will focus on active student participation and problem-based learning. Real world situations, many that coordinate with the work they will be doing in their technology and science classes, will be the focus of their math instruction.
EXPLORATIONS PreCalculus in their junior year and Calculus or Probability & Statistics in their senior year will also be actively tied to the work the students are doing in science and technology.
Math classes are taken at the College-Prep level.


Science Courses


During their freshmen year, EXPLORATIONS students participate in the EXPLORATIONS Science Seminar. This semester course is a specially designed course that covers a variety of laboratory skills through the topic of forensic science. The focus of this course is to provide skills that ensure success in science, math, and technology-related fields and to other areas of curriculum. During the second semester of their freshmen year the students will enroll in EXPLORATIONS Physical Science.
During the sophomore year the EXPLORATIONS Biology I and Anatomy & Physiology classes will offer a problem-based approach to learning biology concepts. While the courses will focus on biotechnology, all fundamental biological concepts will be covered. These students will explore bio-tech careers and learn basic laboratory techniques. They will also participate in individual or group projects that will integrate math, science, and technology.
EXPLORATIONS students will take EXPLORATIONS Physics during the Fall of their junior year. This course stresses applications of the laws of physics in addition to theory and is hands-on and lab intensive. During the Spring of their junior year, EXPLORATIONS students enroll in Chemistry. This course will continue the emphasis on problem-based learning where students learn the chemistry needed to solve specific, real-life problems. 
Science classes are taken at the College-Prep level.


Explorations Course of Study
 Semester One Semester Two
 Freshman Year 
 EXPLORATIONS Forensic Science EXPLORATIONS Earth Science
 Sophomore Year 
 EXPLORATIONS Biology I EXPLORATIONS Anatomy & Physiology
 Junior Year 
 Senior Year 
 Calculus OR Probability & Statistics (may be taken at the AP level) 

Explorations Graduation Requirements


All Math and Science Courses must be completed at the EXPLORATIONS/College-Prep level. Each EXPLORATIONS student must also complete a 200 hour internship and a subsequent presentation for parents, peers, and community partners during their senior year.