The Media Arts program is designed based upon the goals identified in the 2010 SC Visual Arts Standards. 
The curriculum enables students to develop their creative abilities for making art (studio), interpreting and evaluating visual images (art criticism), and raising questions about the nature of art (aesthetics). 
Media Arts is a course that is a technology class that will cover a wide variety of processes, techniques and information. The media arts class will provide your student the opportunity to express his or her creativity as well as participate in divergent thinking and creative problem solving.
Course Syllabus and Calendar 

Art of Film (Advanced Media Arts)  is focused on understanding the language of film and creating films based upon the goals identified in the SC Visual Arts Standards and the 2010 SC Media Arts Standards. We will explore topics including film history, film technology, and popular culture to the impact of literature on movies as well as various critical theories and perspectives that have been brought to film studies. The goal of this course is to create films while also developing the students' media literary by becoming an avid reader of film.

Course Syllabus and Calendar