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Spring Valley Call 2 Action

Spring Valley's Call to Action was created and organized by students in the 2010/11 Human Geography course.  These students were motivated to become activists after reading Nicholas Kristof and Sheryl WuDunn's Half the Sky.  Since then the students have been active in raising funds for CAMFED, the Fistula Foundation, Girls First, and UNICEF.

2010/11 School Year:

1) Call2Action organized fundraisers for CAMFED, Girls Learn, and for the Fistula Foundation.
2) Patch.Com published a review of the group.  Read the article here:
Book, Teacher Serve as "Call to Action" For Spring Valley Club
3) The Fistula Foundation honored the group in the annual listing of donors:
" Students at South Carolina’s Spring Valley High School Call 2 Action Club selected us as their charitable cause during 2010-11. Leaders Jillian Cunningham, Sona Tailor, Kellie Shell, Rebeccas Rhym, Safiyya Ali, Anna Mesa and Jasmine Ruiz-Yi were inspired to help us after reading the book
Half the Sky. They raised a total of $550 by selling baked goods and handmade bracelets. “I hope this small contribution will help your Foundation and aid those women in need,” says Jillian. Your cause is truly inspiring and we thank you for what you do.”

2011/12 School Year:

1) Call2Action participated in the school-wide Gemma Crush to raise funds for the medical treatment of one of Spring Valley's students who was diagnosed with Leukemia.
2) Call2Action partnered with the National Honor Society to raise funds for the Fistula Foundation. Over the course of the year, Call 2 Action and NHS raised $1600 to help with the medical treatment of women in Ethiopia and the Congo.
3) Call2Action partnered with the International Club in the school's first International Festival. 

Spring Valley Call 2 Action

Spring Valley Call 2 Action


Half the Sky Movement

Fistula Foundation


Girls Learn

Frederick Douglas Family Foundation

Products of Slavery

Spring Valley's Call to Action Blog

Follow Spring Valley students as they tackle issues of global and local concerns in the  Spring Valley Call 2 Action Blog
Become active yourself!  Join us!

Freeing Africa - Website

Check out the website created by members of Call2Action in conjunction with the 2013 Footprints theme of Cellphones, Congo, Carolina:  Freeing Africa

Collaboration with SV Footprints and the SV Outdoor Adventure Club: the Saluda River Sweep on 11.10.12.

Members of Call2Action, SV students, and members of the Outdoor Adventure Club participated in a sweep of the Saluda river on 11.10.12.   Between the Gardendale Landing and the I-20 overpass, the group collected 28 bags of waste (9 bags of recyclables).  Check out the photos below:

Mr. Gregory and members of OAC and Call2Action

In partnership with the SV Footprints program and NHS:

Call 2 Action raised $ 1500 to support the work of the Fistula Foundation.  This has been the third year that SV Call 2 Action has raised funds for the Fistula Foundation.