Welcome to How to Make a Google Site.  Google Sites are very quick and easy to create, and can make your life much, much easier as a teacher.  Never again will you have to hear "I didn't know that we had a test today" or "Can I get another copy of the Chapter 12 handout?"  Google Sites are also an excellent way to have your students showcase the work they've done in your course or program.  Consider having students make a website instead of a poster or presentation for a unit in one of your classes.  Better yet, have them maintain an ePortfolio of all of the work they've done in your course over the year (examples below).

This site will take you step-by-step through creating a Google Site.  Each topic has a two to four minute "How-To" video.  Visit as often as you like as you're making a site of your own.  Open this site in one tab of your browser and your site-to-be in another, and toggle back and forth as you create your site.  Pause a video here then click over to your site and do it yourself.  You get the idea.  It really isn't difficult at all.  Make a site for yourself to get the hang of it and you'll soon be on to helping your students build theirs.

There are several helpful links at the bottom of this page.  Good luck with your site. 

An Introduction to Google Sites

Need Ideas?

Want to See What Students Are Doing Elsewhere?

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