WELCOME GEOGRAPHY TEACHERS    

The purpose of the SCGC is to assist teachers with complying with the S.C. standards in World Geography in a way that established an engaging geography classroom. This website offers lesson plans to teach World Geography, and invites other teachers to collaborate by sharing lesson plans that can be included in our lesson plan prototypes for the purpose of being able to provide many options which can be used to meet the individual interests, needs and capabilities of any classroom.  

Please use any of the lessons on this site. All we ask in return is that if there are any activities that you discover or design that you share them with us. We are particularly interested in receiving Blended Learning Units, PBL Units and SLO's for Geography to add to this site. Please only share activities that you have used successfully in your classroom.  It is appreciated if shared detailed lessons can be sent in a file that we can edit easily such as a Word file or a PowerPoint file.  Anything that you share with us will be added to the lesson plan prototype for that standard.  We will also list your name as a collaborator to the right unless you do not want your name listed.  Feel free to invite teachers to join this collaborative by sharing this website address with them.  However, please do not share this site with students as it contains assessment information used by other teachers. We would also like to invite you to our sister website: The South Carolina World History Collaborative at  https://sites.google.com/a/richland2.org/world-history-lessons/
                                            What is a Lesson Plan Prototype?

       A lesson plan prototype differs from a traditional lesson plan in that it offers teachers and students more flexibility. Think of a lesson plan as a normal book in which you have to read each page in order, whereas a prototype is like a Choose Your Own Adventure book, which allows you to participate in the story by making choices. A lesson plan prototype offers teachers & students choices regarding content and activities in a way that allows the teacher to specifically tailor the lesson to the needs and interests of an individual class. You can tailor your lessons to the individual class by choosing only the lessons/activities that fit your students needs and interests, and you can skip activities or whole sections of a unit.

        NOTE: When reviewing a prototype on this site, you will notice the words KNOW and DO  in the title area of most slides.  KNOW is a direction to the students that they must write the information down in their notebooks, and that they must know the content for a quiz or to complete an upcoming activity.  DO signifies that the students are about to do some type of activity, which either reinforces previously taught information or introduces new information.  Students usually do not have to copy information from a page with DO in the title, but they do need to follow the directions on that page.

Some Helpful Websites

ANIMATION SITES: Check out our Word Document on our Adminstrative page titled "Animation Sites" for free sites that offer moving 

        picture animations to add to your prototypes.  

GOOGLE MAPPING COURSE: Google has created a course to help you learn how to using their mapping webware.  We have not tried this     yet, so if anyone does it, please provide us with feedback. It may be something that we could do with the students. The web address is: https://mapping.withgoogle.com/preview

NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC MAPMAKER: This site allows you to make interactive maps. If someone has an idea on how to use it for an                 activity or project let us know http://education.nationalgeographic.com/education/mapping/interactive-map/?ar_a=1

NOTEBOOK ACTIVITIES: This site for interactive notebook activities: http://mrsgannon.files.wordpress.com/2009/08/assignment-table.pdf

Jennifer Borowiec, Chapin H.S.
Kerry Taylor Boykin, Blythewood H.S.
James Bryan, Pearson Education
Angie Byrd, Lexington H.S.
Jimmy Crosby, Westwood H.S.
Jerry Clem, 
Dutch Fork H.S.
Bob Crowley, Ridge View H.S.
Ben Ehrlich, Blythewood H.S.
Justin Farmer,
Irmo H.S.
Tim Garifalon, Blyethwood H.S.
Edwin Griffin,
Ridge View H.S.
Liz Gumbiner, Summerville H.S.
Kloo Hanson, Spring Valley H.S.
Gary Hopkins, formerly of Lower Richland H.S.
Meg Huggins, Lexington H.S.
Justin Kearse, 
Westwood H.S.
Ben Lee, Lexington H.S.
Emily Manigault, Richland School District Two
Dr. Jerry Mitchell, University of South Carolina
Allana Morales, 
Richland Northeast H.S.
Harriet Morris,
Richland Northeast H.S.
Mark Overcash,
Ridge View H.S.
Judith Painter,
Salem City Schools, Virginia
Tracy Rentz-Robins,
Ridge View H.S.
Kelly Smoak, Lexington H.S.
Carl Spoto, Lugoff-Elgin H.S.
Kurt Stiglbauer, Ridge View H.S.
Cary Sussman, Westwood H.S.
Preston Thorne, Blythewood H.S.
Ray Tyler,
York Preparatory Academy 
Andrew Walker, 
USC Intern
Nicole Walker, Ridge View H.S.
Keith West, Westwood H.S.
Daniel Wise, 
E.L. Wright M.S.

Do you have a good lesson that you would like to share?  If you do, e-mail Bob Crowley at Bcrowley@richland2.org with your submission.  In return, we will list your name here as one of our collaborators.