District Vision and Initiative

The 1 TWO 1 computing initiative is an integral part of the Richland Two Story. Using technology, students will inquire and explore their world. Transformative technologies will ignite a joy of learning in our students and inspire them to become 21st century learners. Students will work collaboratively on authentic problem and project-based activities which enhance creativity, critical thinking, communication, and problem solving. Through personalized, authentic and collaborative experiences, our students will develop the skills to prepare them for a future that we can only imagine. 

Goals of the Project 

  1. Improved Student Learning: Through instructional strategies that apply best practices in teaching with technology and a variety of resources which support the curriculum, student learning will improve.

  2. Meaningful Student Engagement: We will offer 1 TWO 1 computing to make school more engaging and relevant for our students and to support meaningful and more challenging work as described in the Richland Two Story. 

  3. 21st Century Skills: We will ensure that students have high level 21st century skills which will prepare them for a successful future. 

  4. Project and Problem-based Learning Opportunities: Through personalized, authentic, and collaborative experiences, students will solve problems and demonstrate their learning through project-based activities. 

  5. Equity of Access: We will bridge the digital divide by providing all students with access to technology tools and resources for anytime, anywhere learning.