Welcome to Career Prep

Welcome to the Career Prep website. Our program is designed to help prepare students for life after high school.  We serve at-risk students giving them the support and guidance they need to be successful after high school.  Our program requirements include:  

Career Prep English (levels 1-3)

Career Prep Math (levels 1-3)

Job Readiness (levels 1-3)

Health, Biology, and a CATE (Career and Technology Education) class. 

Students are also required to complete 200 hours of employment under the supervision of our job coach. 

Using the Career Ready 101 curriculum, our students are able to access learning on-line and customize the pace of instruction to meet their individual academic needs.

Upcoming Activities:

Students are currently working PBL projects.

Throughout the program, students will be assessed for their career interests and abilities. The program also covers pre-employment and job-specific vocational skills (either in a Career and Technology Education course or on a job site). For more information about the Career Prep program check out our activities and Career Ready 101 pages you may also contact Mrs. Harland jharland@richland2.org or your guidance counselor.