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Thank you for visiting the Blythewood High School Career Prep website.  We will be updating the site periodically to show what our students are learning and doing in the community.  

Thank you for your interest in the Blythewood High School Career Prep program.  We have put together this information package to help guide you in your decision to join the Blythewood High School Career Prep program.  If, after reading the information, you have any additional questions concerning Career Prep, please do not hesitate to contact us.

What is Career Prep?
The Career Prep program is a program that provides students the opportunity to earn a Richland School District Two Career Readiness Certificate.  It is an option to any high school student who has unsuccessfully attempted the regular academic courses required in the 9th grade and who has scored in the bottom quartile on standardized testing.
What classes will my child take?
Career prep students are required to take English for the Real World, Math for the Real World, Job Readiness, Biology, Health, and a CATE course.

Can my child get their GED?
Yes, Upon completion of the Career Prep requirements, students may transition over the W.R. Rogers Adult Ed Center.  Qualified students will be able to enroll in GED classes at no expense. Once students are ready to take the GED, they can take the test. (Students must though provide their own transportation to W.R. Rogers)

Can he or she take other classes as well?
Yes, we want our students to enjoy as many classes as they are interested in. Our students have taken PE, weightlifting, chorus, band, orchestra, journalism, photography, Health Science, Fire/EMT, and many other electives our school offers.

What else will students learn in Career Prep?
Besides English, Math, and Job Readiness, the curriculum for Career Prep also includes life skills such as substance abuse, budgeting money, anger management, and etiquette.
How long does Career Prep take?
Career Prep is typically a 2-year program.  However, it can be completed in a shorter amount of time depending on the work ethic of the student.

Can my child play sports while in Career Prep?

Yes, as long as he/she meets minimum eligibility requirements as determined by the SC High School League as well as the Richland Two Board of Trustees.
How does the Career Prep program accept applicants?
Applicants must go through an interview. In addition, the Career Prep department will consider other factors such as reading and math scores, grades, attendance history, discipline history, teacher recommendations, and age. A matrix is used to tabulate an acceptable score for admission consideration.   
When can my child enter Career Prep?
Most students enter between the ages of 16.5 and 17.5.  However, each candidate will be considered on a case-by-case basis.  
What other requirements are there?
Students must take part in community service, job shadows, internships, and work.
How much does my child have to work outside of school?
Students are encouraged to work as much as they can.  However, they must have 200 hours of work while in Level III. They must be working upon graduation. Students may not simply quit their jobs when they reach the 200 hour mark.
Can my child quit his/her job and still count the hours?
If my child gets fired, will the hours count?
Can my child work a seasonal job, such as landscaping, and still use the hours?
Yes, as long as they finish their jobs I'm good standing. Seasonal jobs such as landscaping and holiday retail jobs are acceptable.
Will the school provide transportation to and from jobsites?
No. The job coach will provide transportation to and from job shadows, certain internships, committee service, interviews, application pick-ups, etc., It is logistically impossible to bring students to work every day.  It is the responsibility of the student to provide transportation.
Can my child continue this program if he/she transfer schools?
Yes.  All schools in Richland School District Two offer the Career Prep program. However,  Career Prep is a Richland School District Two program and not a statewide or nationwide one.  Not all schools offer programs such as this.  Please check with any destination school for programs they happen if they have and if they accept Career Prep credits.
Blythewood High School
Career Prep Entrance Criteria


The Blythewood High School Career Prep Department will take into consideration the following guidelines when examining the qualifications of prospective students: (in no particular order)

·  Guidance and/or teacher recommendations

·  Total Credits

·  English & Math level

·  Class level

·  Age of student

·  Standardized test scores

·  Behavior history

·  Attendance history

·  Student interview 

·  Parent input

Possible situations where students will not be considered for entrance include, but are not limited to:

·  Students that have a reasonable chance to catch back up to their normal grade level with summer school, early bird, online courses, etc.

·  Students under the age of 16 and/or have not been enrolled in regular education classes for a minimum of three semesters.

·  Students whose test scores indicate failure due to motivation, not cognitive deficiencies.

·  Students whose behavior history suggest possible non-completion of Career Prep curriculum.

·  Students whose attendance history suggest possible non-completion of Career Prep curriculum.

Upon completion of applicant's qualifications, Career Prep teachers will decide, as a team, a student's future enrollment in the Blythewood High School Career Prep program. If a student is deemed a worthy candidate, a meeting with his/her parent(s) will be quickly scheduled with his/her guidance counselor or Director of Guidance so the student's schedule can be adjusted accordingly in a timely manner.   



Kim Bone; (Department Chair)                                         691-4090 x 28619

Cary Sussman; Job Coach                                                  Cell: 803-414-3677

Job Shadows our students are working with or have completed:
Sporting Adventures International
Construction Services of South Carolina 
Regency Beauty School
Strawberry Skys Recording Studio   
The Team A.M. Radio
Midland's Honda
Sharpe's Garage
BMW of Spartanburg
Crickentree Golf Course - Current
Zoo Teens Program - Current
ArcLabs Welding School
Students helped the the Bookman Road Elementary School Field Day
Mentoring at Bridge Creek Elementary School
Harvest Hope Food Bank (Ongoing)

Our students are currently employed at:
Broom Heating & Air
Columbia Country Club
Wild Wings
Waffle House
Food Lion
Olive Garden