Welcome to Robotics & Engineering

Welcome to
Killian Elementary STEAM Leaders Magnet's Robotics & Engineering Lab.  We support K5-5th graders as Junior Engineers and Technologists. Our 5th Grade Junior Engineers explore designing robot models, programming robots, working as collaborative engineering teams, and testing designs and solutions including intra-class collaborative competitions. We use LEGO's Mindstorm EV3 robots.
        You can follow our Robotics & Engineering Lab on Twitter @Jr_Engineers.
Our 4th Grade Junior Engineers conduct hands-on research by constructing and testing many types of simple and compound machines using LEGO Education's Simple & Powered Machine kits paired with the use of Google Classroom for blended learning.

Our 2nd and 3rd Grade Junior Engineers design, create, and program using LEGO's WeDo. This includes reading virtual blueprints, engineering solutions for mechanical animation, and problem-solving in collaborative teams.
Our 1st Grade Junior Engineers work in teams to explore the fundamentals of simple machines and their working parts with LEGO Educations' Simple Machines kits.
And, our K5 Junior Engineers investigate the essentials of design using LEGO Education's LearnToLearn kits.