Some of what the Riceville GT students have been up to:

 Live Youtube Feed with 4th grade with Newberry winning author Jack Gantos helping get inspiration and ideas for their Nanowrimo novels.  They could type in their questions.

 6th grade pythagorean theorem while working on their Hover Craft Project.

H.S. had a Skype interview with Jason Graves: film, t.v. and video game music composer.

Video Game Music

A student video game music composition.

 STEAM Conference Field Trip in Dubuque, IA (robots programmed to draw, bringing artwork to life, slowest marble ramp building, and math with fidget spinner).

Some students are working on individual projects as materials come available.  While waiting for materials, they continue to help work on their group projects.
I'll start getting better at getting photos to share. :) More to come.

Welcome to the Riceville TAG website.  I'm looking forward to the 2017-2018 school year!

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Mrs. Sara Hollenbeck