Welcome to Mrs. Quast’s Webpage

Cynthia Quast

Riceville HS School

Physical Science




Room 13/14 

email: cquast@riceville.k12.ia.us

school phone: 985-2288 option 2 ext 1014

home phone: 985-2535

Link to Weekly Lesson Plans


Mrs. Quast’s Expectations

Note:  A more in depth look at Classroom Rules can be found here:


  1.   Practice character respect, responsibility, citizenship, fairness, trustworthiness, and caring
  2.   Treat others the way you wish to be treated.
  3.   Come to class physically and mentally prepared
  4.   Ask for help -- that’s how we learn.
  5.   Work with me, try your best and have fun.

Homework Policy Guidelines for Students

  • Always do your best work
  • Record directions for homework in an assignment notebook. 
  • Understand assignments clearly before leaving class
  • Bring home the proper materials to complete the assignments  
  • Hand in completed assignments on time.  Place it on top of my desk on my laptop before class begins. Your assignment should be done to the best of your ability and must include your name.  Missing or incomplete assignments will result in reporting to Homework Camp.  Note: Assignments turned in one day later will receive 50% of earned score and this includes you choosing to attend Homework Camp on the second day, any assignments turned in after that are a ZERO.
  • Budget time properly for long-term assignments
  • Complete any work missed due to absence from class
  • Talk to your parents and teacher if you are having difficulty with homework  See me during WIN time for extra help.
  • Check your Gmail daily.  Sometimes it is necessary to update assignments or inform you of schedule changes that may crop up unexpectedly.
  • I will send you and your parents (if they have an email account) a copy of weekly lesson plans.  Please read and keep them until end of day on Friday.

My Rules/Expectations for Laptop Usage in All Classes 

  1. Bring charged laptop daily.
  2. Close lid to laptop when asked and give your attention to the teacher.
  3. Check your Gmail daily for emails from me for important news such as updates, assignments, replies to sent assignments, etc.
  4. Use Google chat (texting) sparingly during class.  This is to be used only when working on a group assignment.
  5. Use your laptop to work on your class assignments.  If when I come around or check with Remote Desktop and you are on inappropriate, non-class related websites or playing games, the following consequences will occur:

    First offense:  I will take away your laptop until class time is over.  

    Second offense:  I will take away your laptop and return it to you at 

    the end of the school day.

    Third Offense:  I will take away your laptop and will return it to you after 

    a conference with you, your parents/guardian, and the principal.



The detention policy in the student handbook will be enforced.  If you are given a detention, you will serve your detention with me the following morning beginning at 7:30 AM until 8:00 AM.  By losing self-control, you have already inconvenienced me and the rest of your  class, so NO excuses will be accepted or time changed to accommodate you or your parents.  If you should earn a second detention, your parents are asked to contact me immediately at the school or at home to schedule our conference which will include you, your parents and me.  I would prefer that this conference take place during the 7:30 AM - 8:00 AM time period.  Other times may considered if needed.  You will remain in the detention study hall until the conference takes place.

PARENTS:  There may be times I will ask that your child remain after school to finish homework because of deadlines.  He/she will place the phone call to you ASAP to let you know why he/she has been detained.  This will mean that those riding the bus will need to be picked up or have an alternative way to get home.  If your child regularly DOES NOT complete assignments in a timely manner make sure you have discussed alternative transportation options.  Please read the Homework Camp Policy  https://sites.google.com/a/riceville.k12.ia.us/mrs-quast/2014-period-schedules/homework-camp-policy