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Our Standardized Cushion

R.A. Riam  is a cushion manufacturer and we produce our cushion as a cut rather than a by-product, as is the case with most other cushion vendors. Our Cushion Cut is specifically cut for brilliance rather than proportion and is designed to be the most beautiful Cushion cut on the market. 

The Riam Cushion Cut  has 62 facets versus the traditional cushion that doesn't have a consistent make. This additional faceting creates light dispersion which produces the maximum fire, brilliance and sparkle in the stone. The diamond is laser shaped to ensure the most symmetrical stone possible, which cannot be achieved by human hand. The faceting and finishing is then carefully completed by experienced artisans to ensure a perfect shape.

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Our 89 Facet Round

The round brilliant became the consumers’ favorite shape due to the introduction of its unique symmetry and ultimate light performance beginning in the 1940’s. 

Our 89 round takes this consumer’s favorite to a whole new level!

89 facets precisely positioned for measurably increased brilliance

24 additional crown facets for classic beauty and increased brilliance

8 Additional facets on pavilion create dazzling fire and sparkle surpassing all traditional round brilliant cuts

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Our Standardized Princess

Like the Riam cushion, the Princess 89 is also a standardized cut in a cut category with no fixed standard. The chamfered corners prevent breakage of the corners while setting and during wear. The standardization of the cut and unique facet arrangement assures maximum brilliance every time for a princess your customer can be proud of.

The proportions and the arrangement of the 89 facets create brilliance, fire and sparkle superior to a princess with traditional faceting 

41 crown facets for classic beauty and increased brilliance

12 facets on the girdle create stronger corners and reduce light leakage 

36 pavilion facets increase dispersion and scintillation