Terpdrive allows you to open and save files directly from your cloud storage provider in any program, such as Word, Excel, or use Windows Explorer when using vSmith Applications and Desktops, as well as when you are using the computers in the labs and classrooms at Smith.

To get started, you'll need to link your Smoogle Drive account, your University Box account, or any personal Dropbox, SkyDrive etc, and whenever you login to a lab or vSmith Application or Desktop, your cloud storage will appear as a mapped drive in Windows Explorer. This means you can save and open files directly from Smoogle or Box etc as if the files were on a locally attached drive.

To setup your cloud drives go to terpdrives.umd.edu/setup and login with your University Directory ID. Every MBA and MS student at Smith receives a Google Apps account (via Smoogle) that gives them unlimited of storage. Additionally every student, faculty and staff member at the University also gets a 50Gb account with Box (visit box.umd.edu to learn more). That's a lot of free storage! 

You can learn more about Terpdrives from the Division of IT's FAQ here or read on to setup Terpdrives and get using that storage space in vSmith.

Log in to the Terpdrive site and select the storage provider you want to link and click the Authorize button beneath it. Read on below for a brief set of instructions.

Using Box

If you select Box then you will be prompted to sign in, however to use your University Box account click the link for Use Single Sign On (SSO).
On the next screen enter your University Email address (e.g. jdoe@umd.edu) and click Authorize. You'll then be taken to the University login screen where you can enter your Directory ID and password and grant access to your Box files.

Using Google Drive

When you select Google Drive and click Authorize you will be presented with a Google login page, unless you are already logged into a Google account, in which case you can either select the currently signed in account or add another one.
You will then need to grant access for Kumo/Terpdrive to display your files.

You can always log back in at any time and remove the authorization.


If you select Dropbox to share with Kumo sign in with your Dropbox credentials.
You must then grant access for Kumo/Terpdrive to display your Dropbox files.
You can always log back in at any time and remove authorization.


Whatever services you decide to link, the next time you login to vSmith Application/Desktop or a lab computer and you open Windows Explorer and see your cloud providers mapped directly to drive letters. If you ever want to deauthorize a service, log back in and click the button for that service. See the FAQ for more information.