Alternative access to vSmith

ALERT: Friday July 28, 2017: We are experiencing difficulty with the vSmith Workspace page normally used to launch applications on vSmith. As a workaround we suggest launching the applications directly in the VMware Horizon Client.

  • If you have already used vSmith previously then you already have the client installed, if not visit this page and download and install the client for your computer. If prompted for a server address during the install enter
  • Once you have the client installed please open it (for Windows you can find it under the Start menu > Programs > VMware > VMware Horizon client, for Mac users you can open Finder and go to Applications >VMware Horizon Client).
  • If no server is listed, click the large + Add Server icon and add
  • Double click the server icon to connect and enter your University Directory ID and password when prompted.
  • The client will load and show the applications you have access to, double click the app you wish to open

  • If prompted to share access, you can click Allow so you can open and save files from your own computer when using programs in vSmith. See this page on saving your work using vSmith.
Please contact the Office of Smith IT Service Desk if you need assistsance on 301 405 2269 or via