Saving your work

You should not attempt to save any work to the vSmith Application server or Desktop computer. All information saved in non-approved locations will be lost when you log out or disconnect from the vSmith Application or Desktop. Use any of the methods described below. For students we recommend either of the first two options, setting up Terpdrive and using your Smith or University provided cloud storage, or saving the work directly to your computer.
  1. Terpdrive can be used to save work directly to Google Drive, Box, Dropbox or SkyDrive as long as you have connected your University account with the various services. See this page for more information. This is a great way to keep track of your work. Each MBA/MS Smith student has a Google Drive (via Smoogle) with unlimited storage and all University Students have 50Gb of Box storage. Undergraduates also have Google Drive through their Terpmail account, so set this up and make saving your work easy!
  2. Save your work to your computer that you're using to connect to the vSmith Desktop or Application. You can set which local folders you would like to share with the desktop or application from the View Client settings or preferences window. By default in the Windows client it will offer to share to your Userprofile folder, and in the Mac client your Home library. You can add any other folder on your computer and share it with the desktop or application.

    When you want to save your work in the Desktop or Application that you are using, start by doing the normal File > Save, and then browse to the folder(s) you shared. As shown below, the shared folder can be selected on your computer to save your work.

  3. Students (as well as faculty and staff) can save their work through any browser-based cloud storage, such as Google Drive (included with your Smoogle email account with 30Gb of storage), Box (provided by the University with 50Gb of storage) or others of your own choosing such as Dropbox or OneDrive. You will need to take one minute to setup your cloud providers with TerpDrive as described here for this to work.

  4.  You can also use a USB drive on Windows, Mac and supported Android devices to save your data.

  5. For faculty and staff (using the Faculty & Staff Desktops) the My Documents folder has been redirected to your Smith K: drive where you can store your work documents securely. For work that others in your department need to access you can also save your work to the O:\ drive where you will find your shared departmental folder. The files you save to the K: and O: drive are backed up nightly. Please only store work-appropriate data to your K: drive. If you have a large number of files to store, use your departmental O: drive folder.
Also note that the Recycle Bin is disabled on desktops so you cannot recover a file if you delete it.

You should also save your work and log out when you have finished. Students are automatically logged off desktops if no activity is detected for 30 minutes so you will lose unsaved work. If you disconnect from a desktop without logging off first then you will also be logged after 15 minutes and will lose any unsaved work.