vSmith Desktops and Apps

vSmith is a virtual desktop and application initiative (VDI) that provides essential software in one convenient place and is based on the principle that it can be accessed at any time, from any computer, anywhere in the world - including most major devices such as Apple and Android tablets and phones and all major modern browsers.

vSmith Apps are provided to all students based on their course needs as well as faculty and staff, in a similar fashion to SmithApps. Full vSmith Desktops are provided to our MBA and MS students as well.

If you're eager to start using vSmith and don't want to read much in the way of documentation, go straight to the 5-step Quick Start Guide.

Getting Started with vSmith View

vSmith View can be accessed in two different ways. For the best experience we recommend you install the vSmith VMware client on your computer or device.

You can also access vSmith Blast through a web browser. Note that there are some limitations when using vSmith Blast as described here.

Visit the Getting Started page to learn more or the Quick Startup Guide.
Benefits of vSmith View

With vSmith students can access software needed for class at no extra cost. Students no longer  have to go to a computer lab since vSmith can be accessed whenever and wherever, saving time and money.

You can use Windows PCs, MACs, Android and iOS devices. You get access to all your files stored in Smoogle, Box and more.
Accessing vSmith Blast

vSmith Blast can be used to access desktops (but not applications at this time) when working on a device where the vSmith View client cannot be downloaded (e.g. an internet cafe PC). vSmith Blast has nearly all the same capabilities but is accessed through your browser. Please see here for explanations on the differences between vSmith View and Blast.

Bookmark desktop.rhsmith.umd.edu for quick access to vSmith Blast.

You must disable pop-up blockers for vSmith Blast to work!