How do I get started with vSmith Applications & Desktops?

For PC & Mac users:

Go to workspace.rhsmith.umd.edu and sign in with your University Directory ID and password. The first time you login you will see a short tour of the features provided. Click through or skip the tour and you will see the My Apps screen. This shows the Applications & Desktops that you are entitled to use. 

Click on the App/Desktop you want to use and you will be prompted to install the Horizon View Client if needed.  Download and install the client with all the default settings, then re-click the App/Desktop again to launch it. If you want to install the client manually you can also download the client at any time by clicking Categories > vSmith Clients from the top of the Workspace portal and selecting the right client for your computer or mobile device. See this page for more detailed instructions on downloading and installing the client.

Your browser will launch the Horizon View Client and connect to the App/Desktop you requested and you're good to go. Review how to save your work to the correct location.

If you don't see the application you're looking for (and you're entitled to receive it), click the App Center button in the top right corner and add it to your My Apps page so you can launch it when you need it. You can re-arrange the applications and desktops listed on your My Apps page however you would like by dragging them around, hide them by right-clicking the add and selecting Remove (you can always add it back from the App Center whenever you would like).

For Android or iPad/iPhone users.

For full instructions, see this page here for information on installing the client on your mobile device. For the tech savvy, here are the brief instructions:

Download the VMware Horizon Client from the App Store for your device, or use the links below.
Once the browser and client is installed, open the VMWare Horizon Client. When prompted for a server, enter desktop.rhsmith.umd.edu and sign in with your University Directory ID and password. You will then see the list of Apps and Desktops you are entitled to use. Click the one you wish to use and it will open on your device. As always review how to save your work to the correct location

What if I am using a computer where I cannot install the Horizon View Client?

vSmith Applications & Desktops works by installing a client on your computer or device and then connecting to the available virtual desktop or applications that you are entitled to. However you may sometimes be using a computer where you cannot install the client, for example if you're in an internet cafe. In those instances you can instead launch a vSmith Desktop from the workspace.rhsmith.umd.edu website (only desktops are available without the client, individual applications are not available in this way). 

Sign into the Workspace portal as normal  and then hover the mouse over the icon for the Desktop you want to use so the small 'i' appears and click on it. A pop up will appear and you'll have the option to launch the Desktop in your browser with the '... in Browser' button as shown in the screenshot here.

The desktop will open in a new browser window. Note that if you use a vSmith Desktop in a browser you will not be able to open/save files to a USB drive, nor to the hard drive of your local computer. Additionally you will only be able to print to WEPA printers (see further below).

When I use vSmith on a high-resolution display the applications and desktops appear very small, how to fix?
On newer displays with very high-resolutions, such as a Surface Pro, when you connect to an application or desktop the fonts and icons may appear very small. This is caused by the remote application window scaling to work with the high DPI (dots-per-inch) display. Attached at the bottom of this page is a small registry file that can be downloaded and added to your Windows machine to allow the scaling to work. Download the file called ENABLE-VSMITH-LARGER-DISPLAY-FIX.REG, double click on it and accept the prompts to allow the information to be added to your registry. You should then be able to restart your vSmith session and see the remote app/desktop scaled to a more useful size. If you wish to turn this behavior off, you can download the DISABLE... file and double click that to return behavior back to normal.

Why can't I access some or all vSmith Applications or Desktops?

The vSmith offering is used to access virtual desktops and applications to students at the Smith School of Business, however if you have not been entitled to any desktops or apps, then you will not see anything to run. If you are studying at the Smith School and believe you should have access, please email the Office of Smith IT Service Desk at helpme@rhsmith.umd.edu stating that you need access to vSmith and include the following information:
  • Your full name
  • Your @umd.edu email address
  • The course number you believe would entitle you to use vSmith Applications and Desktops
  • The name of the professor for your course
  • The software application you need to access
The information will be passed on to our vSmith administrators who will investigate and contact you within two business days with the decision as to whether you have been granted access.

What is the best way to save my work?

Depending on the device you are using and how you are affiliated with the community, you can save your work in several ways while using vSmith, although we recommend TerpDrive as the default method. Please see this page for more details. 
What if I forget to save my work before logging off (or disconnecting)?

Unfortunately your work will be lost. When you connect to a vSmith Application or Desktop you are connecting to a randomly assigned computer out of a large pool and any files you store locally (i.e. by not saving to a network drive, cloud service such as Google Drive or USB thumb drive) will be lost when you log off. If you disconnect from your vSmith Application or Desktop computer without logging off, you will automatically be logged off in 15 minutes and your unsaved work will be lost.

How do I print while using applications in vSmith View?

Students can print to the WEPA service and collect their print jobs at their own leisure, see this page for more information on WEPA. Additionally any local printers installed on the host device (e.g. the computer which you are using to connect to vSmith) are also available and can be printed to . This feature is not available when using a web browser-based desktop as described here

VMware Horizon View Client 3.5.x on Windows machines crashes when launching an application
If you receive an error message when launching an application about a "VMware Horizon Client unrecoverable error", you computer may have an issue running the very latest version (3.5.x and above). Go to your Control Panel and uninstall the VMware Horizon View client, and then go to the Workspace Portal and download the client version that is stored in Categories > Clients and Help folder as described here. The linked version in the Clients and Help folder is 3.4.0 and is known to avoid the issue.

I'm having a problem with vSmith View, what should I do?

Note: If you're running vSmith full screen on a Mac and the screen freezes, exit out of full screen mode and it will resume working. You can re-size the screen without issue but going back to full screen will make it freeze again.

If you have questions or problems that were not addressed on this site, please contact the Office of Smith IT Helpdesk.

Christopher Gleeson,
Feb 2, 2016, 7:50 AM
Christopher Gleeson,
Feb 2, 2016, 7:50 AM