Your First Days
If you just switched to Google Apps, here's how we suggest you get started.
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1. Watch this quick intro to Google Apps!

What is Google Apps

Video (4 min): A high-level introduction to Gmail, Google Calendar, and some of the other new apps you'll be working with.

2. Sign in to your Google Apps account
In any web browser, go to:

And click one of the links from the Login to.. menu on the left. Then enter your University Directory ID user name and password. 

  1. To find your University Directory (LDAP) username, visit
  2. To set or change your University Directory password, visit

The first time you log in, you'll be asked to take a moment to set up your account.

Remember, we only offer Smoogle accounts to our Graduate students, Faculty and Staff. Undergrads should check out Terpmail as offered by the Division of Information Technology, visit here

3. Set up your Google password

From May 28th 2014 you access your Smoogle account using your Smith email address and a Google password that you set yourself. Once you've done that you can sign-in using or any Google page with a sign-in button in the top right corner.

4. Read the Smith FAQs about your new Google services.

Learn answers to some of the frequently asked questions regarding this switch to Google Apps, and what the changes might mean for you.

5. Managing your other email account.

If you already have another email account you use, learn how you can import the data from it to your Smoogle account. If your other email account is Gmail, see how you can be logged into your Smoogle and personal Gmail account at the same time.

 Google Apps works best in the Chrome Browser.
Try Chrome for free!